Thursday, September 28, 2006

Word to the wise

Two things that should NEVER mix

5 years olds & the fragrance section at Kohls

one moment I had 2 giggling girls...the next i had two giggling girls that smelled like...well what i would imagine a french whore would smell like.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A month...that's nothing in a world of Chaos

So someone recently pointed out to me that it has been a month since I last posted and sure enough it has...unfortunatley me expressing myself on the internet for all the world to share in my life takes the absolute backseat to other going ons in my life...such as


Yes my sweet, innocent (wait a second...let me laugh - HA HA HA) little girls now have backpacks almost as big as them, ride a bus, write in journals, learn basic math, play on computers, hit boys, wiggle, etc....

I know you are saying WHOA.....hit boys???? wiggle???? what type of K are your girls in????

Well let's start with the Hitting Boys...

Apparently PWG has been putting the smack-down on some poor little boy the past two days. See the girls are in two different class, which means me having to deal with two different teachers who can't seem to get in-synch with what they are teaching (a whole tanget I am not going to go into today) - anyway PWG class get numbers every day with 5 being the highest you can on Monday she comes home with a 4 and a short scribble from the teacher saying she hit a we have the talk...about how it is Ok to be angry but you should never hit anyone....I asked why she hit him and she said "he was bothering me" - Oh honey...such a lesson to learn at such a young age "BOYS ARE ALWAYS A BOTHER" I thought our little talk cleared everything....ummm nope not so much - last night she comes home with a 3 - not only did she hit said boy AGAIN but she also scribbled on the table with crayon - EI YI YI - so yet again we had the talk about the biy and that if he bothers her again to just walk away and tell a teacher...

Part of me feels a little hypocritcal...considering in probably about 10 years I'll be telling her if a boy "bothers" her to smack him upside his head.

I just want to know how PWG has all of a sudden gone from my sweet baby to my Million Dollar Baby?

And the wiggling....such a fun topic...

Well about a month ago I noticed TW (who BTW has lost a total of 3 teeth now - PWG = none) laying on the floor of our living room on her stomach and she was wiggling her butt back and forth - I really thought nothing of it because I myself am a fidgety type person who can't seem to stay still. Then my hubby saw it and looked at me with panic stricken eyes and slowly mouthed the words "What. The. Hell. Is. She. Doing!" - so then the conversation proceeded along these lines

ME: Whatcha; doing sweetie
TW: Wigglin'
ME: Why are you wigglin'
TW: Because it feels good (at this point Hubbies eyes get real wide and he stumbles out of the room)
ME: Where does it feel good
TW: (points to her hoo-ha)

So after consulting some other mommies and various internet sites I came to the conclusion that my child is not over-sexed at age 5 and that what she is doing is normal (in moderation). We ended up having a talk and told her that it was fine if she wiggled but that it was something private and should be done in her room, good thing we have Berber carpet thoughout...

As far as I can tell she only seems to want to wiggle when Sesame Street comes on...which is making me look at Oscar the Grouch and Bob the shopkeeper in a whole different light now...