Thursday, July 24, 2008

In so much trouble.....

ok first - PERMITS have been pulled!!!! My renovation is underway...

We are meeting with the contractor today so he can introduce us to his guys that work with him and give him our first payment...

I am hoping things go fairly quickly from this point on...I guess I need to get my booty in gear and take a bunch of before pictures...

Secondly...OMG crafting is going to kill me financially - I swear...first off the fabric store I like to frequent has been receiving some new fabric...and it is beautiful....

They have CUPCAKE freakin' cute is that....

I am so going to make myself a cute little purse out of that fabric....must not let the little ones see or else I will probably loose it fast....

and then this fabric...OH...what a great fall purse it would make

with this as the inside lining

or another option

and then there are the GNOMES - GNOMES people - cute GNOME STAMPS at Odd-Bird Planet - but I have to wait to see the whole line :( but just take a look at the sneak peek


you can check out her great other whimsical stamps at Odd-Bird Planet

I must have GNOMES!!!!! what point does a passing fancy become an obsession??? I mean am I goner because I have started to stalk the clearance garden gnomes at Target and other places... (not all for I like to give gnomes as presents...cause ya'know - every home needs a gnome)

BTW - wish me luck - I undergo my "abdominal mass" surgery tomorrow...I am stocked up - I have a bunch of books from the library to read...I have my favorite Tea-bags and Lipton Extra Noodle soup ready to go for TC to make for me...and I have a box of Starbuck Chai Tea chocolates hidden away in my nightstand drawer -
normally I wouldn't spend so much for a small box of chocolates but then again it isn't every day you get sliced open - right???

Monday, July 21, 2008

Two words - DRAG BRUNCH

yep drag brunch...

Where you can get a delicious plate of french toast with sauteed bananas while watching drag queens strut their stuff...

and that my friends was my Sunday morning

How was yours?

at least i have one more thing to cross off my Bucket List :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Am I the only one who has a kid that is a freak?

SO TW can not wait to go back to school….

She has me marking each day off as we get closer and closer to Sept 2nd.

She whines and cries about how far away it is and can’t the summer hurry up so she can go back to school.

I bought her a summer workbook – full of math and science and language arts designed for kids going into 2nd grade…she is almost done with it.

This morning she asked if I could print her off some math worksheets for the weekend.


What does PWG think of all this…she thinks TW is nuts too.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Just another typical Friday night...

Scene: Master Bedroom @ about 9pm

Me: Oh my God…that was amazing

TC: I know who knew that was possible

It is not what you think…let me play the conversation before those lines…

Me: You know we used to be cool people

TC: Yep

Me: We used to go out and party all night – hang out at the bar with our friends

TC: Yep

Me: Play some pool…you would play darts (I wish I could have played too but I was banned after and unfortunate incident involving a pitcher of Kamikazes, 2 darts and someone’s bare ass cheek)

TC: Yep

Me: We would dance like crazy fools all night…

{imagine me doing a little white girl shuffle while singing “Come On Eileen”}

TC: Yep

Me: and then we would leave the bar and stop at the deli on the way home and grab a Kevin Costner (turkey, tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts) and a big kosher pickle
TC: and then we had sex…
Me: Those were the days…now it is 9 pm on a Friday night and we are sitting in bed watching ‘When Animals Attack 2”

TC: we could still have that sex part
Me: Then we would miss the guy getting his head bit by the alligator
TC: you do have a point

Monday, July 07, 2008

Umm yeah I love going to the In-laws...

so very NOT!!!!

That is not to say I dislike my in-laws...separately they are very nice people...

Together - well imagine the Constanzas from Seinfield and the Barones from Everybody Loves Raymond had children....those children would be in in-laws...

the best conversation of the weekend was

MIL: Sometimes you are such a Baby

FIL: Sometimes you are an Asshole

Yes my FIL called my MIL an SIL and I gave each other the look of "Did he really just call MIL an asshole???"

yes...yes he did

and how did the argument start...over the proper way to dry the dishes...


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

and on to the colors....

OK so i have to pick out colors...this is what I have...

My 1st floor is very open without a lot of closed off "rooms" - right now we have a front sitting room (suppose to be a dining room) that is painted in the color dillweed (I must admit the name played a big part in chooseing the color - come on Dill Weed) - we are keeping this color
the rest of the house is a very very very light tan color and up stairs it is still builder off-white...

so our plan is to leave the sitting room the green dillweed color and paint the rest of the downstairs and upstairs hallway - Stone house

Except one accent wall (couch is up against it) will be in Rust
we also plan on painting the downstairs bathroom Rust too

Our bedroom we are thinking - Waterfall

we have a cathedrial ceiling in our bedroom with cherry color and satin nickel furniture - figured I would accent with chocolate brown (i.e. try and find a quilt with brown and similar colored blue)

and for our rec- room which also has a higher ceiling (not as high as our bedroom and it is a fairly large room - 2 car garage big)...something a little bright and cheery but fun and funky too - Summer Lime - soft yellow with just a hint of green???

What do you think...

P.S. - 25 more hours till I get to pick out my new cabinets...... {squeal}