Tuesday, July 01, 2008

and on to the colors....

OK so i have to pick out colors...this is what I have...

My 1st floor is very open without a lot of closed off "rooms" - right now we have a front sitting room (suppose to be a dining room) that is painted in the color dillweed (I must admit the name played a big part in chooseing the color - come on Dill Weed) - we are keeping this color
the rest of the house is a very very very light tan color and up stairs it is still builder off-white...

so our plan is to leave the sitting room the green dillweed color and paint the rest of the downstairs and upstairs hallway - Stone house

Except one accent wall (couch is up against it) will be in Rust
we also plan on painting the downstairs bathroom Rust too

Our bedroom we are thinking - Waterfall

we have a cathedrial ceiling in our bedroom with cherry color and satin nickel furniture - figured I would accent with chocolate brown (i.e. try and find a quilt with brown and similar colored blue)

and for our rec- room which also has a higher ceiling (not as high as our bedroom and it is a fairly large room - 2 car garage big)...something a little bright and cheery but fun and funky too - Summer Lime - soft yellow with just a hint of green???

What do you think...

P.S. - 25 more hours till I get to pick out my new cabinets...... {squeal}


Amanda Angert said...

LOVE the colors, especially Dill Weed and Stone House! *giggle* Dill Weed *giggle*

Karen said...

I am sooooo jealous of all this. The colours are all really lovely.