Monday, July 14, 2008

Just another typical Friday night...

Scene: Master Bedroom @ about 9pm

Me: Oh my God…that was amazing

TC: I know who knew that was possible

It is not what you think…let me play the conversation before those lines…

Me: You know we used to be cool people

TC: Yep

Me: We used to go out and party all night – hang out at the bar with our friends

TC: Yep

Me: Play some pool…you would play darts (I wish I could have played too but I was banned after and unfortunate incident involving a pitcher of Kamikazes, 2 darts and someone’s bare ass cheek)

TC: Yep

Me: We would dance like crazy fools all night…

{imagine me doing a little white girl shuffle while singing “Come On Eileen”}

TC: Yep

Me: and then we would leave the bar and stop at the deli on the way home and grab a Kevin Costner (turkey, tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts) and a big kosher pickle
TC: and then we had sex…
Me: Those were the days…now it is 9 pm on a Friday night and we are sitting in bed watching ‘When Animals Attack 2”

TC: we could still have that sex part
Me: Then we would miss the guy getting his head bit by the alligator
TC: you do have a point


Gretchen said...

Sounds like my post where we "go to the basement" - so we can play Guitar Hero II...

Jenn said...

OMG!!! This sounds just like my husband and I but we have no kids...LOL!!!