Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i'mmmmmmmmm BACK!!!!!

yes it is me....arisen from the pile of sawdust and scraps that the renovation has provided and slowly things are coming together.

The last little bit of the kitchen renovation is almost done...just 3 more things need to be done
  • Panel addition on the end of one of the cabinets
  • cutlary drawer installed (cabinet didn't arrive with it as ordered)
  • fix the kitchen faucet

That last one - fix the kitchen faucet - well this is our 2nd faucet we have - the first one didn't work - well it worked but for some reason you could only get either hot or cold water out of it - depending on which way you switched the hoses - after my contractor placed calls to a plumbing place, a plumber and to Koehler directly the outcome was we got a bum faucet and to take it back to where we bought it - so we did and I ordered a Mac-Daddy Delta faucet from on-line...

Got it - installed it - hot water, cold water, warm water....that's all good...what is bad is that it has no pressure...the water dribbles out - so my contractor is suppose to bring over a master plumber to take a look at it...this doens't surprise me - as we have also already had 2 visits from the from the GE repairman for our brand new fridge...stupid icemaker....and the fancy instahot I wanted - damn tank didn't fit under my sink - so we had to go to the basic shiny chrome and black plastic model...

one day....one day everything will be in proper working order - but I must admit the renovation is spectacular and I look forward to using my new kitchen and my new 3 seasons room for YEARS to come...

Want to take a peek - then just click HERE