Wednesday, October 31, 2007

do you see that above you...

Yes that is my pathetic attempt at attempting to make a blog header...

in all actuality for someone who has never ever taken a computer class in her life it isn't half bad...

1.5 stars out of 10???

so here is the thing oh great readers of mine...

Anyone want to make me a Blog Header?

...pretty much anything goes besides pictures of certain body parts and bodily fluids (I know I am taking all the fun out of it...)

Leave a message that you have one for me and I will contact you...cause anyone who tries gets a prize :)

Wacky Wednesday...


that's all I got...

no really....

oh ok - so you want to hear some jokes...

Q: Why can't ghosts have babies
A: Cause they have Halloweenies

get it...Hallow Weenies....

here is a better one for all of you that are groaning right now

10) You are guaranteed to get at least a little something in the sack.
9) If you get tired, you can wait 10 minutes and go at it again.
8) The uglier you look, the easier it is to get some.
7) You don't have to compliment the person who gives you some.
6) It's O.K. when the person you're with fantasizes you're someone else, because you are.
5) Forty years from now you'll still enjoy candy.
4) If you don't like what you get, you can always go next door.
3) It doesn't matter if the kids hear you moaning and groaning.
2) Less guilt the morning after.

Enjoy...I already have my nice beverages chillin' for my walk around the 'hood tonight...I'll be hanging with a Witch and a Butterfly

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

If you can't find me look under the pile of magazines...

So TC and I are pretty avid readers….ummm Ok I am a pretty avid reader. I am one of THOSE people that always needs something…I need a magazine, a book, the radio or the TV on…I NEED distraction of some sort…

So to begin with we had a few magazine subscriptions each…some because they are our holy grail of magazines (ummm…People)…some because they come with someone’s NRA membership (ummm American Rifleman) and mainly ordering them when a nice special came our way.

Until recently we had a small stream of magazines coming our way

American Rifleman

Family Fun
Good Housekeeping
Richmond Magazine
(hey they do have good articles…if you can get past the T&A)
Deer Hunter (something like that…has pictures of dead animals on the cover)


See TC had some “points” on his AMEX credit card…they were getting ready to expire but he didn’t have enough for something good – like a $25 gift card to Chili’s – so they offered us magazine subscriptions in exchange for points…after slogging through the multitude of nursing magazines they offered (WTF is up with that…how many nursing magazines are there…LPN, Nursing, American Journal of Nursing, Men in Nursing, etc…) and finding that they don’t really offer any of the magazines that I would enjoy (In Style, Glamour, TV Guide) we just started circling….

And the magazines have started arriving…

So far…

Conde Nast Traveler
Cigar Aficianado


TC swears we circled AT LEAST 7 to 8 magazines…so who knows how many more will arrive on our doorstep….

So we are up to at least 13 magazines per month…with how many more on the horizon???

Add in the 4-8 catalogs from various mail order companies that we receive in a weeks time…

Pretty soon we should be able to build a nice addition…built entirely of magazines…that is if the stacks don’t crush us first….

Monday, October 29, 2007


So I totally forgot about this incident until I was reminded about it by a friend this weekend…see I had told my friend this story and she made me tell it to another friend…

So I figured I would share it with the rest of you…

So the scene is Back to School night…being that I had already had a conference with TW teacher the first week of school I sent TC to her class while I attended PWG class.

PWG teacher zipped through the program…and we made our way to TW class – where TC was sitting there...sort of dumbfounded…

Turns out there was a conversation about snacks and it went something along the lines of this – a brief synopsis…(*note it was conferred to me by TC so things may not be totally accurate)

Parents please remember to send in healthy snacks for your kids. Once one child has a Cookie the rest want them too.

Mom 1: Yes we should all be sending in good vegetables and fruit – like bananas

Mom 2: Ummm…have you seen a banana after it has been in a backpack all day?

Mom 1: Well then Broccoli…

Mom 3: You can get your kid to eat Broccoli?

Mom 1: Well something healthful..

Mom 2: But not a banana

Apparently the conversation about snacks and various types of fruits and vegetables went on for awhile – TC was amazed that women could talk so long and feverishly about vegetables for snacks

In the walk home TC stated that the Mom 2 had a point…Bananas weren’t easily portable in a 1st grade backpack…the squish factor was just to high. I said I was sure they made a banana container…

So the next day at work I was relaying the conversation to a co-worker while we searched the Google Mecca (seriously how did I ever live without Google) for Banana Keepers…however upon discussing while searching this is what came out of my mouth…

I don’t understand how you can have something universal though because they come in all shapes and sizes – I mean you have your big ones and your little ones, ones that are long and skinny and ones that are short and girthy – then the curvature of them…some are really curved while some are straight…

At this point my co-worker had lost it…totally lost it…it took me a minute to realize what had just come out of my mouth…Thank goodness none of our other co-workers were around…cause somehow I don’t thing they would truly believe we were talking about bananas…

The google search paid off…oh sweet mother did it pay off…

Let me ask – would you send your kid to school with this…


Let's just say the inventor could probably make a killing if he renamed it the "Perky Pecker" and advertised it as the "organic alternative to Viagra"

If you would like to buy one for your "banana" {wink, wink} you can do so right here Banana Bunker

Now let me say the Banana Bunker isn't the only way to keep your banana safe...there is also the

Banana Guard

and the

Banana Saver (with popsicle slot)

I think I'll just have my kids stick to Fruit Stackers...

Friday, October 26, 2007


cause it is Friday afternoon - I am sure everyone just wants to goof here are some sites to help you goof off...

Brain Bashers

Deal or No Deal


and I found out my mom has been secretly posting on the internet...either that or someone elses Childhood was as screwed up as mine

Easy Barbie Clothes

Note the last line...I wanted the fancy ball gown - instead I get a pair of knitted pants - with one leg shorter than the other ("Just pull the short one to make it longer" per my mother) and a matching knitted poncho...

I also didn't get real "JAMS" no I had to have homemade knock-off JAMS (only those over 30 will understand what the hell I am talking about)...thankfully she drew the line at Homemade parachute pants

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Things I wonder about...

On the childrens show Arthur...who decides which animals get to talk? I mean I am pretty sure some of the characters are dogs...but yet Arthur has a dog for a pet? Much along the lines of - Why does Goofy get to talk and walk upright but all Pluto can do is bark and walk like well...a dog.

In the Randy Travis song "Three Wooden Crosses" there is a Hooker, a Farmer, a Teacher and a Preacher on a bus bound for Mexico....a stop sign is missed and he sings of THREE wooden the end of the song you find out that the Hooker survives...but what happened to the bus driver? Did the bus driver survive? Was he killed? Should the song really be FOUR Wooden crosses?

Why is it TC whose snores like a Lion with a head cold always manages to fall asleep before I do?

Quote of the day: I I've learned that artificial intelligance is no match for natural stupidity

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's not trash...

So yesterday I got home from work late...I managed to have 3 minutes alone in my house before TC, PWG and TW came bursting through the door from religious ed.

Then I was introduced to "Casey"...

Some kids have imaginary kid builds a "robot" out of discarded food boxes.

I'll have to admit he was pretty sweet...especially since his main body was a Fruit snackers box...but apparently much like Cherry Darling Casey can kick some ass with his Winchester rifle shell box arm...

This morning as I was gently telling (ha ha ha) my kiddos to get in the car - PWG told me I had to wait because "Casey" had to go to his school...flung on all the lights in the front room and propped him up next to Dancing Elmo (who I now refer to as Stroke victim Elmo being that his battery is slowly running out...his dancing moves are pretty jerky and you can't understand all the words)

ME: PWG please turn off the lights
PWG: Then Casey can't see
ME: Didn't you build him with see in the dark vision
PWG: Yes I did - thanks for remindin' me momma

and the lights go off...

QOTD: Just remember if the world didn't suck we would all fall off

Monday, October 22, 2007

Just another RANDOM Monday....

Another tag….

Wow I guess I do have a few friends in this world…

So Buildermama tagged me to tell you 7 random things about me:

  • I used to do temp work…I have worked at two different temp agencies and have worked for among other companies - HUD, Circuit City, Capitol One and EDS. My most interesting one was working as a receptionist for an “age-restricted” apartment community, where I could be assured if an ambulance entered the front of the complex within 10 minutes I would field at least 2 dozen calls from residents wanting to know who died and if a ground floor apartment had become available.

  • Twins do run in my family and I did warn Third Child of this fact before we got married…so he was warned. In my generation of women 3 of us have children…2 of us have sets of twins…you do the math – I can’t wait for my sister to have her set of twins

  • I am addicted to Coconut Snows…don’t know what snows are? It is basically finely shaved ice with flavoring…I count down the days when our local “Snow Shack” opens…and then trick my children into thinking they are getting a treat when we stop by the Snow Shack – when in fact we stop because I jones for a damn Coconut snow. Oh and Chai Tea – I love Chai Tea….ummmmm

  • My engagement ring is a simple blue topaz…TC told me he couldn’t ask me to marry him until he could afford a diamond…well if that were the case I would still be waiting…so I told him not to worry that there were plenty of diamonds in my family and I didn’t need a diamond…hence the blue topaz. However my grandmother didn’t like that and gave TC a wedding set my grandfather had specially made for her after she lost her original engagement ring – one with 20 diamonds set in platinum with a matching wedding band with 12 diamonds…I get loads of compliments on it…

  • I weigh less now then I did my junior year of high school - not a whole lot less...but less nonetheless - However I weigh about 25 lbs more than I did when I entered (and left) college.

  • My first real “make-out” session was with the boy next door…

  • I love quotes….seriously love quotes – I hear something and have to write it down – I have small scraps of paper all over the place with quotes written on them…in a box at home…tacked to my bulletin board at work....shoved in the bottom of my purse

So now I am tagging other people – hummmm – many of my PIM’s that blog have already been tagged so I’ll just tag one for now….but if anyone else would like to play along by all means go for it…

So Jimmi - tag you are it :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

What a lot of anger at a boy and alcohol can do…

Yesterday I celebrated my 10 year anniversary with TC…I am sure some of you are wondering how we met…

I was but a mere freshman in college and I had gone to a mixer between my sorority and a fraternity…That night I was VERY pissed off – you see because most guys are A-holes – I had been seeing a boy on and off for a few months when we first met he told me he had a girlfriend and I told him I wasn’t into relationship wrecking so I told him we could be “friends” – so about 3 weeks of being a “friends” he tells me he broke up with his girlfriend so we then turned our relationship up a notch…{Note to you single gals – think twice before becoming involved with someone nicknamed “Spanky”} after 3 weeks I learn that he hadn’t broken it off with his girlfriend and had decided to transfer to be with her so I was NOT in a good mood, in fact I was Hella-pissed

Because I was not in a good mood I decided to imbibe some alcohol to “soothe my nerves” – I drank enough to be considered oh drunk but not to far gone as to swallow goldfish, like some of my other sorority sisters…

After the mixer a FRAT BOY took a bunch of us to another party – my sorority sisters were very drunk and singing “I want to be a cowgirl” at the top of their lungs – I was a bit tipsy but no where near as far gone as they were so I moved to the front of the pack and said to the FRAT BOY I don’t want to be associated with them…on to the party, the FRAT BOY and I started talking and then we started dancing and then we started kissing and then the cops showed up so we all dispersed…

FRAT BOY invited me back to his room and well…..(don’t judge – it was the first time I had done anything like that so quickly…) well the next morning I went home and FRAT BOY came by to visit a few times during that week but I wasn’t really interested since I basically just wanted to ‘use’ him and toss him aside since that is the way I felt the A-HOLE guy I dumped did to me…Anyway the next weekend I met a boy who I ended up dating for a year…

Fast forward to my junior year – I had broken up with my boyfriend that summer and was raring to have fun and party away…well FRAT BOY had spent the previous semester in Army reserve training and he saw me from across the campus and came over to talk with me…I was nice and talked to him for a little while – well over the next 2 weeks I noticed where ever I was he seemed to be there (small campus) too….

Well I ended up going to one of his fraternity parties about 3 weeks into the semester looking for some friends of mine – the friends weren’t there but he saw me and offered me a beer so I said OK (cause really what college co-ed is going to turn down free beer) but I had to go to the bar to see if my friends were there so he walked me to the bar – my friends were there but thought I had come with FRAT BOY so they left without me…

so FRAT BOY said he would walk me home, when we are almost to my house he asks if I want to come to his place – OH I WENT OFF ON HIM – I accused him if stalking me and said the only reason he wanted me to come back to his place was for ‘some action’ and that I might have been stupid once but I have wised up….well he took offense and said he really liked me and just wanted to talk more and get to know me (gee, since we didn’t really do that the first time around)….so I went back to his place and talked all night long…we have been together ever since….and oh it took a loooooooooooooooooooooong while before he saw ‘action’ a second-time round….

As far as my daughters will know – we met at some very nice, no alcohol allowed party at college and were chaperoned on every date until our wedding night :)

For our 10th anniversary we went to out to see a great comedian – Robert Schimmel Who during his act had a bit about Merkins…oh sweat mother of Merkin…there are some strange strange jobs out there…

What do you do for a living?

Oh I make Beaver Covers…

Now if there were to make them out of say…fruit roll-ups then I could sort of see the value of them…cause for your partner they could have a tasty little snack while making you well….

P.S. - it doesn't matter if I am 33 years doesn't matter if I have 2 doesn't matter if it is MY doesn't matter if I am tipsy - I am still not doing the deed with my mother in the next room....

Monday, October 15, 2007

1st grade is confounding me...

so the girls are in 1st grade and so far it has been quite an education for me...and let me preface this with the fact that I have a BS and a MS.

two weeks ago they were talking about Ordinals...

huh...what Ordinals??? I had to have THEM - yes THEM - 6 year old 1st graders explain what an Ordinal was...once they explained it I knew exactly what they were just didn't remember the "offical" name for them...

How many of you are going to go and google ordinals now because you don't know what I am talking about?

They have been working on knowing the different "types" of species - Mammal, Reptile, Amphibians, let me tell you my BS is a degree in Biology - where I had to take courses dealing with Zoology...I will soon show you how much that Degree has come in handy (*note the sarcasm)

So yesterday while up on a mountaintop picking apples PWG and TW started talking about how differnt animals have babies...the conversation started because TC warned them about stepping in a Groundhog hole (which BTW was as big as my children...I would hate to see the size of the groundhog that dug that hole) they started talking about how a groundhog is a mammal and they have babies that are born alive...(Luckly they haven't asked HOW those babies get out considering I have told them a Dr. cut me open to get them out and they have seen one of those "I'm having a Baby shows" that featured a C-section...which I told them to look at the TV to re-iterate what i had told them...I am sure that little incidence will be brought up many years from now when they are in theraphy...)...

Anyway the conversation about groundhogs lead to how other things have babies

Fish - lay eggs = CHECK
Frogs - Lay eggs = CHECK
Badgers - have live babies = CHECK (Yes PWG brought up Badgers?? what a random animal)
Mermaids - have live babies = CHECK (I didn't have the heart to tell TW that mermaids aren't real)
Mommies - have live babies = CHECK

then the question...the question that left both TC and I dumbfounded???

Where do snails come from?

ummm - hummmm - wellllll

TC and I looked at one another and I guessed that they lay eggs but that I wasn't sure...

Then TW asked

Where do their shells come from?

Hummm - ummmmm

All I have to say is THANK GOD for Google....

Everything you wanted to know about SNAILS...hermaphroditism and all

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The new TV shows

yes this is going to be a post all about ME and what I like...

so the topic today is NEW TV shows...

I love much so I always have to have it on - even if I am not watching it - I am one of those people who has to have some sort of noise/stimulation going on all around me...maybe this is why I did so well living in a 1200 square foot house with 8 other women for 3 years of my college life...

Anyway thanks to my DVR I am able to sample far more TV shows this TV season - in past I had to make decisions on what I watched based on if the time it came on TV was a good time for me...with 6 year olds pretty much anything that came on at 8pm was out for me...except Dancing with the Stars which my girls love...

So here is my list of new shows I am watching

REAPER - Tuesdays @ 9pm on the CW - LOVE this show - funny and endearing - it is one of those shows that leave you satisfied when you are done watching it and I can't wait for the next week so I can see a new episode

DIRTY SEXY MONEY - Weds @ 9pm on ABC - I like this - a little intrigue, a little comedy, a little drama - on the whole a very satisfying show

CHUCK - Mondays @ 8pm on NBC - this is a show that comes on at 8pm so it gets DVR'd to watch later - so far the first two episodes have been OK...not terrific but they are trying to "set the stage" but in reading reviews I have read that the third show really steps it up a notch - that show is on my DVR - now to find time to watch it

Third Child on the other hand has totally different viewing habits than I and he has been watching

Bionic Woman


There are a few that haven't Premired yet and I am looking forward to seeing them - so I might be back

I am sure you are saying to yourselves...this can't be all you watch...nope - I also can't miss the following

How I Met Your Mother - absolutely one of the funniest comedies on the air

Dancing with the Stars - a great Family show to watch all together

Funniest Home Videos - ditto

Grey's Anatomy


Law & Order SVU

Las Vegas - delicious

The Office

Desperate Housewives - just frothy no brainer fun

and of course I can't wait for NIP/TUCK to return....that is one of the few shows both TC and I both love and we must watch together :)

TC can't miss Ugly Betty...I have yet to see a full show because it is on at 8pm...I know you are saying to yourself...but I thought you said you had toruble watching shows at 8pm because of the girls...yes I DO...seems like the Vagina Beacon works at bedtime too - so while I am spending 15 minutes tucking TW and PWG girl into bed because "I want Momma to do it" TC is happily ensconced on the big chair watching Ugly Betty

Friday, October 05, 2007

A Senseo Sensation

I enjoy perusing peoples blogs…especially the crafty ones

While perusing my friend, Jimmi's blog (hi Jimmi) I came across a chance to complete a survey and possibly receive a Senseo Coffee maker

Now since she had done it and actually received the Senseo Coffee maker I figured I would give it a whirl…

I went HERE and filled out the survey

A few days later I got a confirmation e-mail in my box…followed the link – paid $15 to Sara Lee Corp. and a few days ago this showed up on my doorstep… (well mine is black)


I pulled it out of the box, flushed the system and tried it out – YIPEE…..YAHOO

See come November I become a hunting Widow…I no longer get to sleep in on Sat and Sunday mornings and when I stumble down the stairs there is no fresh brewed coffee waiting for me…and a momma without coffee is not a happy momma…

And I know you are saying – just make a pot yourself…but nay there are but two things in this world I haven’t quite mastered in the kitchen…

  • Brewing a pot of coffee
  • Making pancakes (sad isn’t it…I follow the freaking directions and they still come out bad – either to thick or to thin…TC on the other hand makes them just right)

I have had my eye on one of these single serve coffee machines for awhile…but the price had turned me off being that I would just be using it for myself. But for $15….hey worth a try…

FAB-U-LOUS…..(ok when you read this word have it sound like a Gay Man in your head)

Decent cup of fast coffee = happy momma…

Now to work on Senseo to offer some more flavored coffee and maybe some Chai Tea pods…

We all have Issues....

I certainly have a lot of issues myself…but now that I am a mother I wonder how much of that was ingrained in me from my mother and how much was just my own natural ways of dealing with things…

I ask this because I do believe I have made PWG addicted to pantyliners.

She is 6 years old.

See it all started about a year ago…she wet her bed in the middle of the night for the first time in a long time…I guess the stress of worrying if she was going to wet the bed again caused her to develop Pollakiuria

She was going to the bathroom a few times an hour…one time on 10 minute “I know exactly what I need” trip to Target we visited the bathroom 3 times…her issues lasted about 3-4 months before finally waning.

But the offshoot of the Pollakiuria episode


Yes drops of urine that happen in her panties…she can’t stand them and now has a habit of changing her underwear 2-3x’s a day because of “drops” – I have tried to explain to her that if she is afraid of a little moisture now – she was going to be a wreck once she has children but being 6 she doesn’t quite understand that.

Oh yes the pantyliners…

One day as I was dropping off TW and PWG off at before school care and PWG got this wild look in her eyes and hissed “DROPS”…and told me she needed a new pair of underwear…being that I was already late to work I told her to “deal” – apparently that didn’t cut it and a temper tantrum ensued…being that I am not MacGyver and can not create a new pair of panties out of a quarter and a Chiclet I did the next best thing…drug her into the bathroom and did the “folded toilet paper” trick and stuck it in her panties.

That was all fine and good until 2-3 days later and she came to me one evening and told me she had “drops” and wanted some toilet paper in her panties…I rolled my eyes and as I did they hit on my box of pantyliners…

Thus an addiction was born…

Now she doesn’t want them everyday…but I have a feeling next time I go to the warehouse store I will be buying that BIG-ASS box of 500 liners…

Any guesses as to how I will ruin my children next?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I shoulda' drank more in college

And oh yeah try those mushrooms I was offered one evening…

Cause I would probably be rich right now.

Having 6.5 year old twins I have seen more than my fair share of childrens programming in the last 6 years…

I am very thankful that I gave birth on the tail end of the “BARNEY” era…although I did wind up smack in “THE WIGGLES” generation…which after awhile your mind becomes numb to the music and you can’t help but hum “cold spaghetti, cold spaghetti”

There are some weird shows out there and some shows that leave you scratching your head – Like the Tellytubbies and their wacko cousins the Boobahs…

But the other day I saw a show where all I could do was slightly mouth to Third Child “what the F#$@”

And that show is OOBI

If you haven’t seen it – let me fill you it – it is a bunch of people with eyeballs on their hands…yes eyeballs on their hands…occasionally other accessories pop up – wigs, capes, bows…but the basics are a hand and eyeballs…

All I can think is the creator was sitting around with his “bros” one evening high on something or other and staring at his hand….

“Dude wouldn’t it be cool if my hand had eyeballs?”

OOBI is born…and now has a show on Noggin…

I am seriously thinking about getting myself a pair of OOBI EYES…and dressing up for Halloween this year…humm I wonder if they have a little bottle of Valium or a bottle of Jack as accessories.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Monkeys and Tampons - Oh My

The other day Third Child and I were either watching some show or listening to something on the radio - I am not really sure as my days go by in a blur…

Anyhoo – the point of what we heard was about MONKEYS

And how monkeys can be trained to do certain things…

Open the fridge and bring you a drink
Get a book from a shelf
Help you with your shopping
Insert a feeding tube

Now I DID NOT make that last one up…they seriously talked about how a MONKEY can be trained to insert a feeding tube…and since TC heard the same thing I did I know it wasn’t a fanatical musing of my brain (Hey wouldn’t it be cool if Monkeys could insert feeding tubes)

My question is what would possess someone to allow a MONKEY to insert a feeding tube… if I was medical personal that received specialized training in inserting feeding tubes I would be dumbfounded…

“What inserting feeding tubes…what’s so hard about that…it’s so easy a monkey can do it….”

So lately every conversation Third Child and I have had I have been trying to sneak in Monkeys

“Gee I can’t quite reach the top shelf …if we had a monkey he could get that down for me”

{sitting on couch} “Gee I would really like a cold beverage but I don’t want to get up…if we had a monkey I wouldn’t have to get up”

Then we had a conversation that went something like this

ME: I think it would be cool to have a monkey – it could grow old with us and when we were feeble it could insert our feeding tubes
TC: You know Monkeys throw their shit…
ME: You have monkey wear a diaper.
TC: If you were so feeble to need a monkey to insert a feeding tube who the hell would change the monkeys diapers?
ME: hummm good question

Almost as stupid as our Turtle conversation.

I did try to find out more information at I typed in “Monkeys inserting feeding tubes” into the search box and this is what I got

Narrow Your Search
Inserting Ivs
Inserting a Tampon
Girl Inserting a Tampon
Video of Women Inserting a Tampon
Inserting a Catheter
Insert a Tampon in My Daughter
Inserting Suppositories
Tampon Inserting Photographs
Tampon Inserting Stories

More »
Expand Your Search
Remove Feeding Tubes
Tube Feedings
Nasogastric Tubes
Vibrating Tampons

Now if someone can tell be what feeding tube inserting Monkeys have to do with tampons…I would be a strangely informed woman…

BTW I clicked on the last thing “Vibrating Tampons” and found THIS

from feeding tube inserting monkeys to vibrating tampons…

discuss amongst yourselves