Thursday, October 25, 2007

Things I wonder about...

On the childrens show Arthur...who decides which animals get to talk? I mean I am pretty sure some of the characters are dogs...but yet Arthur has a dog for a pet? Much along the lines of - Why does Goofy get to talk and walk upright but all Pluto can do is bark and walk like well...a dog.

In the Randy Travis song "Three Wooden Crosses" there is a Hooker, a Farmer, a Teacher and a Preacher on a bus bound for Mexico....a stop sign is missed and he sings of THREE wooden the end of the song you find out that the Hooker survives...but what happened to the bus driver? Did the bus driver survive? Was he killed? Should the song really be FOUR Wooden crosses?

Why is it TC whose snores like a Lion with a head cold always manages to fall asleep before I do?

Quote of the day: I I've learned that artificial intelligance is no match for natural stupidity


g-man said...

Snoring ... beccud we need ow shleep wen we are stuppy. :)

That and your (women's) brain is spun up faster, so it takes longer to wind down. (IMHO) :)

Karen Forest said...

I have so wondered about the bus driver too!

Does no one care about him? Or at least not enough to erect a cross.

What a jip!

Ok, I have posted three comments to your blog today alone. I promise to stop here.