Tuesday, October 30, 2007

If you can't find me look under the pile of magazines...

So TC and I are pretty avid readers….ummm Ok I am a pretty avid reader. I am one of THOSE people that always needs something…I need a magazine, a book, the radio or the TV on…I NEED distraction of some sort…

So to begin with we had a few magazine subscriptions each…some because they are our holy grail of magazines (ummm…People)…some because they come with someone’s NRA membership (ummm American Rifleman) and mainly ordering them when a nice special came our way.

Until recently we had a small stream of magazines coming our way

American Rifleman

Family Fun
Good Housekeeping
Richmond Magazine
(hey they do have good articles…if you can get past the T&A)
Deer Hunter (something like that…has pictures of dead animals on the cover)


See TC had some “points” on his AMEX credit card…they were getting ready to expire but he didn’t have enough for something good – like a $25 gift card to Chili’s – so they offered us magazine subscriptions in exchange for points…after slogging through the multitude of nursing magazines they offered (WTF is up with that…how many nursing magazines are there…LPN, Nursing, American Journal of Nursing, Men in Nursing, etc…) and finding that they don’t really offer any of the magazines that I would enjoy (In Style, Glamour, TV Guide) we just started circling….

And the magazines have started arriving…

So far…

Conde Nast Traveler
Cigar Aficianado


TC swears we circled AT LEAST 7 to 8 magazines…so who knows how many more will arrive on our doorstep….

So we are up to at least 13 magazines per month…with how many more on the horizon???

Add in the 4-8 catalogs from various mail order companies that we receive in a weeks time…

Pretty soon we should be able to build a nice addition…built entirely of magazines…that is if the stacks don’t crush us first….

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Amanda A. said...

When I read your post I thought of this little bit of info I stumbled across a few weeks ago.