Thursday, October 11, 2007

The new TV shows

yes this is going to be a post all about ME and what I like...

so the topic today is NEW TV shows...

I love much so I always have to have it on - even if I am not watching it - I am one of those people who has to have some sort of noise/stimulation going on all around me...maybe this is why I did so well living in a 1200 square foot house with 8 other women for 3 years of my college life...

Anyway thanks to my DVR I am able to sample far more TV shows this TV season - in past I had to make decisions on what I watched based on if the time it came on TV was a good time for me...with 6 year olds pretty much anything that came on at 8pm was out for me...except Dancing with the Stars which my girls love...

So here is my list of new shows I am watching

REAPER - Tuesdays @ 9pm on the CW - LOVE this show - funny and endearing - it is one of those shows that leave you satisfied when you are done watching it and I can't wait for the next week so I can see a new episode

DIRTY SEXY MONEY - Weds @ 9pm on ABC - I like this - a little intrigue, a little comedy, a little drama - on the whole a very satisfying show

CHUCK - Mondays @ 8pm on NBC - this is a show that comes on at 8pm so it gets DVR'd to watch later - so far the first two episodes have been OK...not terrific but they are trying to "set the stage" but in reading reviews I have read that the third show really steps it up a notch - that show is on my DVR - now to find time to watch it

Third Child on the other hand has totally different viewing habits than I and he has been watching

Bionic Woman


There are a few that haven't Premired yet and I am looking forward to seeing them - so I might be back

I am sure you are saying to yourselves...this can't be all you watch...nope - I also can't miss the following

How I Met Your Mother - absolutely one of the funniest comedies on the air

Dancing with the Stars - a great Family show to watch all together

Funniest Home Videos - ditto

Grey's Anatomy


Law & Order SVU

Las Vegas - delicious

The Office

Desperate Housewives - just frothy no brainer fun

and of course I can't wait for NIP/TUCK to return....that is one of the few shows both TC and I both love and we must watch together :)

TC can't miss Ugly Betty...I have yet to see a full show because it is on at 8pm...I know you are saying to yourself...but I thought you said you had toruble watching shows at 8pm because of the girls...yes I DO...seems like the Vagina Beacon works at bedtime too - so while I am spending 15 minutes tucking TW and PWG girl into bed because "I want Momma to do it" TC is happily ensconced on the big chair watching Ugly Betty


Amanda A. said...

Just wanted to say I'm so glad you're back!!!!

jpmayo said...

Oh, I love tv soooooooooo much, too and my tivo (all 3 of them...) is my BFF!

Crazy other people in my house dont even like it, I swear I raised my teenager up wrong not to like tv!!

Glad you're back to blogging:)

g-man said...

Groovin' on the Bionic Woman myself, Watched the first episode of Life, it was OK. Waiting for Heros season one DVD to appear so I can start watching it.