Monday, October 15, 2007

1st grade is confounding me...

so the girls are in 1st grade and so far it has been quite an education for me...and let me preface this with the fact that I have a BS and a MS.

two weeks ago they were talking about Ordinals...

huh...what Ordinals??? I had to have THEM - yes THEM - 6 year old 1st graders explain what an Ordinal was...once they explained it I knew exactly what they were just didn't remember the "offical" name for them...

How many of you are going to go and google ordinals now because you don't know what I am talking about?

They have been working on knowing the different "types" of species - Mammal, Reptile, Amphibians, let me tell you my BS is a degree in Biology - where I had to take courses dealing with Zoology...I will soon show you how much that Degree has come in handy (*note the sarcasm)

So yesterday while up on a mountaintop picking apples PWG and TW started talking about how differnt animals have babies...the conversation started because TC warned them about stepping in a Groundhog hole (which BTW was as big as my children...I would hate to see the size of the groundhog that dug that hole) they started talking about how a groundhog is a mammal and they have babies that are born alive...(Luckly they haven't asked HOW those babies get out considering I have told them a Dr. cut me open to get them out and they have seen one of those "I'm having a Baby shows" that featured a C-section...which I told them to look at the TV to re-iterate what i had told them...I am sure that little incidence will be brought up many years from now when they are in theraphy...)...

Anyway the conversation about groundhogs lead to how other things have babies

Fish - lay eggs = CHECK
Frogs - Lay eggs = CHECK
Badgers - have live babies = CHECK (Yes PWG brought up Badgers?? what a random animal)
Mermaids - have live babies = CHECK (I didn't have the heart to tell TW that mermaids aren't real)
Mommies - have live babies = CHECK

then the question...the question that left both TC and I dumbfounded???

Where do snails come from?

ummm - hummmm - wellllll

TC and I looked at one another and I guessed that they lay eggs but that I wasn't sure...

Then TW asked

Where do their shells come from?

Hummm - ummmmm

All I have to say is THANK GOD for Google....

Everything you wanted to know about SNAILS...hermaphroditism and all


Heather said...

I think I giggled a little when they talked about computational mathematics during back to school night. Come on, its first grade--ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION. I was stunned to see Algebra on the top of a homework worksheet the other night. Is this really first grade?

g-man said...

I'm sure as my lovely wife is pouring salt on the snail cousins (slugs) she is making some hermaphroditic comment like "GO F*@& yourself !" SO when two snails want to "do it" do they fight over who gets to be the man?