Monday, December 17, 2007

So we Fought....over Ground Turkey

So we fought …over ground turkey

I freely admit I am a control freak – I like doing things my way…and since I like having them done my way I usually just go ahead and do them so I know that it will get done and well get done the way I like.

I had an event to attend yesterday, which would not leave me time to do my usual Sunday morning foray to the grocery store…TC told me he would be more than happy to go to the store for me..

Uhhh OK…

So I wrote out a list and then I re-wrote in order of the store working from right to left…and then we had a discussion about said list…

While going over the list I had Ground Turkey on the list for chili…

We proceeded to have a conversation that went something like this

ME: I want ground turkey for Chili so make sure you get the plain ground for the Chili and NOT the Italian style ground turkey

TC: Ok

ME: Also get an eggplant too IF they look good – oh hold a second to make eggplant takes a bit of time…I know why don’t we have Turkey Loaf this week

TC: Ok

ME: So go ahead and get a pack of Ground Italian style turkey too {add Ground Italian next to plain ground turkey on list} so get a pack of both…if they don’t have the Italian style just get two things of plain – but try and see if they have the Italian


I am pretty sure this is the conversation that took place in TC's head

ME: maa maa maa maa Plain Ground Turkey maa maa maa (stop to take a breath)


ME: maa maaa maa maa Italian style turkey maa maa maa (stop to take a breath)


ME: maa maaa maaa Ground Italian style maa maaa maa Italian (stop to take a breath)


So I go to my event and come home…I go to get the ground turkey out so I can start to make the chili…

Open the fridge

1 pack of Italian style ground turkey – hummmm

So I go and ask TC “Where is the plain turkey”

TC response was “You didn’t ask for Plain turkey”

Ummmm WTF….really….

So I got angry…and was a bit yelly over ground turkey….he proceeded to tell me I had only asked for Italian turkey and he went by the list – which he proceeded to get out of his jacket pocket and show me…

the list

where it was written

Plain ground turkey (not Italian – 4 chili) & Italian turkey

Then he started ranting about how I was a control freak and he made a mistake and simply forgot…

I ended up leaving the house because I was pissed off…

See this is where men and women differ – he thought I was upset that he simply “forgot” the stupid turkey…I could have cared less if he in fact truly “just forgot”

I was upset because he didn’t listen…I mean we had a whole freakin conversation about the stupid turkey…about what we were using it for and what we had planned for the week…and yet…

After 10 years of marriage I should be used to it…but I guess that is what marriage is…sometimes there are yelly parts…over ground turkey….


g-man said...

You ARE my wife!

He listened, and saw that it was on the list, then didn't have to remember the conversation anymore because it was on the list. He forgot to look at the list. But he did listen and responded to you.

His mission was not why the list items were important but that they were ON the list and he needed to fetch those things.

I get in the same trouble all the time.

Kathy said...

Are you eavesdropping in my house? I swear my dh and I could have these exact same conversations all the time. :-)

Karen said...

It's for that exact reason I have declined Andy's offer to do the entire food shop for Christmas. It has to be done a certain way and that's MY way.

TxGambit said...

Wow. I don't miss those things. :)

ha, ha...

I think G-man actually said what I was thinking. I have, surprisely, learned a lot about men and how they think. Goofball and I have had a couple of interesting conversations about it.