Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am alive...barely...

thought I would pop in for a second and let my faithful readers (ha ha ha) know I am not dead...

when I have more time I will write more but just to give you an idea of what the last 10 days have been like...

  • Head to Fl for vacation
  • Go to the beach on Monday and despite putting on 40 SPF sunblock turn into a giant boiled lobster
  • Have a huge Tropical Storm hit while you are there
  • Have said Tropical Storm basically stall out right where you are staying - dumping 24 inches of rain.
  • Try to escape Tropical Storm and flood your car causing you to get out and push it in knee deep water to some strange persons house and leave car
  • Wait in white couch and Tchocki hell till the rain stops to see if your car even will start up
  • Take lots of pictures as water creeps closer and closer to the house
  • Thank god I brought perfume and a big canister of wet ones since the sewer flooded and we can only use "minimal" water (nevermind we can't really flush the toilets...ewwww)
  • Have car not start up
  • Have car towed and be told that most likely the engine is ruined based on what they have seen so far
  • Tell TC I have PMS
  • Have first Tchocki "murder"...poor clown with monkey - TW states it is an accident...has to go up in front of a judge (aka great grandma)
  • Cry as insurance company tells you if engine is damaged most likely they would total your car because it is old and has lots of miles on it
  • Cry tears of joy when repair place tells us all they had to do was drain the engine and change the oil and that it was a miracle we didn't sustain full engine damage
  • ESCAPE Florida
  • On way home from FL find out BIL, SIL and three kids are coming to our house for a visit - ASAP...
  • cry, cry, cry as it is Wed and BIL, SIL and said three kids are still at our home

Yeah our vacation was an adventure all I would like not to repeat - EVER...


jpmayo said...

OMG Jen...what an adventure/nightmare/experience....
Glad you made it back in one piece! Sorry about the company:)

Gretchen said...


You poor thing!

You forgot the last one - Fly to MN and visit friend who lives 10 minutes from the Mall of America. ;)

TxGambit said...

Glad you survived!!!!!

BTW - I gave you an award. Stop on by to claim your fame. Or something like that. :)