Monday, October 23, 2006

Of Cats Asses and Big Butts

Last Friday I got a rare treat – a date with my husband…no kids…no worries. On our way to our dinner we started discussing our cats…

We got 2 kittens about 5 months ago – a grey tabby and an orange tabby. Both have slowly become a part of our family. The orange one is my husband’s favorite – he curls up with him…he snuggles with him. The grey one is quite honestly one of the best cats I’ve ever owned – if you can get past the fact he likes to pee on Mermaid Barbie in our girls bathtub (who knows maybe Barbie really enjoys that type of water sport???) – he has our dog wrapped around his little paw – he will flop down in front of the dog and the dog will nuzzle it’s little belly…all he has to do is meow and the dog comes right to his side…I swear if they had the proper parts they would mate…In addition the grey one is perfect around the kids – he lets the girls do whatever they want to him – be it put him in a stroller and push him around…dress him up like the wolf dressed as Granny and play out the story of the Three Little Pigs…I do think one day he will crack if he hasn’t already – I can sort of see it in his eyes when the girls go to grab him – I can almost hear him saying to himself “They’re coming…go to the happy place…go to the happy place” – I may be the first person to own a cat with multiple personalities in a few years

Anyway we have found that the cats have the gastric equivalent of my husband…meaning they can clear a bathroom in under 2.7 seconds. Both my husband and I were discussing how such small creatures can make odors an such a grandiose scale. This got us into a discussion about air freshers – because I think I have tried just about everyone out there under $5…I remarked that they needed to have an air fresher scale…a scale made up of cat asses…have a small stink – use Febreeze with a one cat ass rating – a larger stink – move up to Glad plug-ins with a two Cat Ass rating….

I have yet to come across a GREAT freshener – one with say a Cat Ass rating of 5…because that is what I think I need…the closet thing I have come across is Bath and Body works room sprays…Cat Ass rating of 3.97

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This morning I was helping TW put on some jeans…only problem was the jeans were a size 6X and well my daughter has no ass…so I told her she had a skinny butt and pulled out another pair of jeans from her drawer…her response

“When I am a mommy I’ll have a big butt just like you”

To think I couldn’t wait for the day she would utter her first word….

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Anonymous said...

OMG, I am dying over the cat ass rating system. If they had one for corgi asses (which currently have been expressing their glands all over our house) I would be so there.