Friday, February 29, 2008

Like a deer in headlights…

So today at work I had some stuff to do on a special computer we have. Said computer is in a room at the front of our section that has a big picture window to the hallway.

So I gathered up my stuff, including my MP3 player and headed towards the dungeon.

Now, I must tell you my MP3 player is a little psycho. I have quite a wide variety of songs in it because I like to download other people’s playlists from Rhapsody, in addition to the songs I like and of course the sanity saving kids songs I have downloaded on my little thing.

So that being said I have quite a large variety of ALL different types of music on my player. It gets quite interesting when I sit back and hit “shuffle”. I go from rocking out to “Crazy Bitch” or “Moneymaker” to “I’ve Got a Song in my Tummy” or “Monster Boogie”…

So today I am sitting in a dark room, looking at a computer and rocking out to some songs…”Them Bones” – great song oh yes “Basketcase” – one of my all time faves…and then a song comes on…humm I haven’t heard that one in a while…oh yeah it is sort of catchy…and I start bopping around….

About a minute later I turn around and I am startled by one of the “big guys” (you know the ones with offices in the “Administration” section)…and he asks “What are you listening to?”

Ummmm wellll…there I was caught…like a deer in headlights

What was I doing?

I was MMMBopping….

Yes yes I was MMMBopping….

I guess it could have been worse – I could have been Wang Chunging???

Actually since they have cut their hair and grown up a little they don't look half-bad....a little MMMyummy


Tree said...

You are hilarious! I was caught with Pop Goes the World in iTunes last week. I had turned it up to jam and get myself out of a terrible grouchy mood.

Gretchen said...

I've always wondered... What exactly is a "wang chung"?

No... Really.