Thursday, May 15, 2008


I am a “do to mucher” – I always have been and always will be…I have over the years stifled my little “mucher” and have slowly backed away from always raising my hand when someone asks for a volunteer.

Does that mean I have any less to do?

Nope….I NEED something to do – it keeps me on track…gives me a purpose…

Last night – I got home from work – got dinner for the girls – went over their homework - took them to their make-up swim lesson – got home – made two loaves of strawberry bread and another batch of chocolate starfish (you’ll understand as you read below) - picked up the house a bit and made TC "HAPPY" :)

To that avail I am always juggling a bunch of projects and being the procrastinator that I am – means I always have something that needs to be done RIGHT NOW (or at least I think I do)

Add into the fact that I suffer from CADD…that would be Craft Attention Deficit Disorder. Yes, I readily start one project only to be swayed by another project I MUST DO RIGHT AWAY….so that leaves me with half finished projects.

The only way to get me to finish things is to give me a deadline…but even then sometimes the power is to strong…I see a pretty object and start scheming about the stuff I need to make said project.

Currently in production I have

  • 5 crocheted scarves…a craft store was having a sale on yummy yarn for $2 a skein (normally $7/skein) so I had to buy a ton and a half - all the scarves are pretty much done – they just need the fringe added…something that would take all of 15 minutes per scarf…have I done it yet - nope…I envision that I will be using the scarves as holiday gifts this year so it gets pushed back
  • 1 crocheted blanket…status ½ done – see I went to the Dollar Store about 6 months ago and they had gotten a shipment in of really cool and bright multicolored yarn and at $1/skein I bought a bunch and crocheted a blanket…a blanket that both PWG and TW fell in love with and take turns sleeping with at night…2 months ago I walked into another Dollar store and found more yarn…bought it so each of my girls could have their own blanket and I don’t spend 8 minutes every night hearing screetching “BUT YOU had it last night”…”No I didn’t you did”
  • 25 3-D papercrafting swaps – yes 25 – I finally figured out what I am going to do – paper is cut – now I just have to assemble…oh yeah this HAS a due date…I have 2 weeks to get this done
  • 25 cards – Well I don’t have to put these together I just have to design said card and cut all the materials for the card…card is designed – now to cut and cut and cut…like the 3-d items…I have two weeks
  • 9 Girl Scout journals – see my girls Brownie leader is an Uber-leader and I think she might be slightly off her rocker because she is taking NINE 7-10 year olds camping for 2 nights…2 nights people!!!! And I don’t have to go with them. I volunteered to make each girl going a small journal – so she can write in it during the camp out. Project status – haven’t even begun…no wait – I have the chipboard and the Girl Scout paper…I have a deadline of 3 weeks for this project.
  • 160 chocolate starfish lollypops – 160 people….if my sister ever gets married again I am not volunteering to make the favors…I swear…I did get the molds and I was smart and bought 4 molds of 4 each…so far I have made 2 batches – with a third sitting in my fridge as we speak…only 7 more batches to go…oh and her wedding is in a month…and then I still have to package each one in a cello wrap – tied it with the perfect pewter ribbon and attach a delightful little tag…
  • A Few WHOO-HOO Chocolate Pops - Said Sister is having a Bachalorette party in two weeks and I am sending a care package with one of her bridesmaids since I can't attend (Girls weekend in the mountains of NC - it would take me 7 hours one way to drive) - I am making a WHOO-HOO pop for everyone...these are getting made along with the Starfish there are Orange and Dark Chocolate Whoo-Hoo's - I should be done with the Whoo-Hoo making tonight and be able to get the package in the mail Saturday lets hope they don't melt...nothing is sadder than a droopy Whoo-Hoo. Plus the fact they are sitting in my fridge and the girls keep asking if they could have one...ummm 7 year old needs to be munching down on a the sooner the Whoo-Hoos are out of my house the better :)

Now add in the fact that I just got a sewing machine and I am now addicted to all things sewing…I saw a picture of pretty little Key Fobs and now I feel the urge to make some myself…only I need to make them longer so I can use it as a Lanyard at work…cause right now I am using some god-awful yellow cast-off lanyard from a co-worker.

So I still need to add into the projects…

  • a lanyard
  • at least 3 cute tote bags with packs of cards for the end of the year teacher gifts
  • plus PWG asked if I could make her a totebag to carry her Webkinz in

I keep this up I might one day be as cool as Gretchen


Gretchen said...

Yea, but you get to play with dead... you know!

Again, I just wish we lived closer! Wondertwin powers, activate!

Amanda Angert said...

That is SO ME! I'm all gung ho about a project until I start blurfing and see another cool project. At this point I lose interest in the "current" project and put it aside to start something else.