Friday, May 23, 2008

umm yeah so it's FRIDAY!!!!!

about friggin time....

add in that it is a holiday weekend - no work on Monday - yeahhhhh

I will begin my weekend by going through 2 levels of hell...I told the girls I would take them to the fabric store with me...both of them.

Now going someplace with PWG isn't that big of a deal - she is pretty sedate and I can engage her in a conversation. If I ask her to sit and wait - she will sit and wait.

TW on the other hand, usually acts like she just ate a giant bag of poprocks washed down by 4 Red there and everywhere....all the while her mouth going a mile a minute.

Apart they are OK...together is a whole other ball could work out that they are polite and actually listen to me...or it could go a totally opposite way of them "playing" WWE Smack-down in the middle of the Fleece isle.

Lord grant me the strength...

In other news I made myself a new purse


and I was awarded my 10 year award at "gift" - an umbrella - I had about 5 things to choose from...I choose the one that might actually be useful at some point in my least I get an extra hour of vacation a pay period now...

In case you are looking for time wasters this Friday here are some Blogs I love to peruse

Death Wore a Feathered Mullet (R - Mature audiences)
Toddlers and Bananas (G - General Audiences) - Gretchen is my Darth Vader
Mom-o-Matic (G - General Audiences) - Lotta just tells it like it is
My Pumpkin Pie (G-General Audiences) - Just about the cutest newborn you will ever see
Trees in OK (G- General Audiences) - if you are into running check out Tree's blog...myself - I think being eaten by a lion would be far less painful than running anywhere


MPPs Mom said...

One look at that bag and I want TWO! I'm going to email you right now. And then I see you plugged my Sweet Potato......thank you :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lotta said...

Yeah I'm going to need one of those bags.

"G"?? I'm going to have to start cussing a lot more.

Gretchen said...

Thanks for the linky love!