Thursday, June 22, 2006

Freak Me

I am a channel surfer...I can not stand to be bored with I flip...with this in regards to the remote I am the MAN in our little family...however, unlike the opposite sex I do not stop on shows that feature some historical event as the main topic nor do I stop on shows where wild birds and guns are the featured performers.

I am a reality junkie...and when I say reality I don't mean all the Let's have an Amazing Race to see who will be the Apprentice Survivor and find the Treasure...I mean the mind numbing candy shows...give me Newlyweds, The Girls Next Door and yes...even The Simple Life. I find it amusing to watch others stupidity...appearantly I am not alone in that fact or else these shows would not be on the air, right?

One of my favorite shows on currently is Mind Freak with Criss Angel - which is on A&E on Wed at 10pm...seriously this man is amazing...and if I may say so - sort of a hottie man in a "bad boy lets' get it on on a rooftop" sort of way.

So last night I was flipping (natch) between Mind Freak and another freaky show - America's Got Talent...I do have to say some of America does have talent...the rest though are well - just freaks...although I did enjoy the breakdancing cow - but the "Shadow dancers" - with the love triangle that involved a minature not NBC...more like Skin-a-max - seriously freaky...but not as freaky as Criss Angel

Most of his tricks are just illusions...but man...what illusions they are. If he was doing them on a stage I could pick it apart - trap door there...mirror here and viola. HOWEVER, most of his tricks take place as he walks around various Las Vegas locals...casinos, parking lots, parks, etc...and they are not simple flash of the hand type tricks either, among some of the more amazing things he did
  • impale himself on a wrought iron fence in front of a group of people
  • made a HUGE elephant disappear in the middle of a parking lot while a group of people held hands in a circle around him
  • cut himself in half and have people walk between him and under him
  • made himself disappear in the middle of a public park
  • smashed a beer bottle and cell phone together so that the cell phone wound up INSIDE the beer bottle - to get it out he broke open the beer bottle
  • walked on water - while he had people swim in front of him, behind him and under him
  • levitate people on the street
  • levitated between two buildings

yes yes yes I know it all illusions...but the middle of public places....using things that people on the street give him and just surprising people here and there...sure he could have people "planted" in certain areas, with props for some of the illusions...but is definately a MIND FREAK

if you want to watch some amazing television...check him out