Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A little this a a little that *edited for Clarification


going back to the mall this past weekend - after my friend Liz left I wandered around the mall for a little while longer - I happened upon these very interesting pair of panties...

they were cute...they were ruffly...they were crotchless...they were $58!!!!

so for $58 you get a tiny dress for your coochie...and you know they only serve one purpose...it's not like you are going to be dressing for work and say
  • Skirt - Check
  • Blouse - Check
  • Bra - Check
  • Ruffled crotchless undies - Check

I can think of so many better things to spend $58 on...like a nice serving platter...


Four year olds say the darnest things....While picking my girls up from day camp yesterday one of the little 4 year olds came up to me - she asked me if I was PWG and TW mommy...and I said Yes...then she told me I was really pretty...awwwww shucks...she made my day :)

PHASES 1 & 2

Just for Liz

PHASE 1: Talking like your mother...you know you have made the first transition into actually becoming your mother when phrases like "Don't make me tell you again"...."Close the door do you think we live in a barn" and the always popular "Because I said so" comes flying out of your mouth...it becomes far worse when you actually spout mommyisms without thinking things through...like the other day when i told PWG to pick something up and she just started whining...automatically from my mouth came the phrase "What's the matter with you - your arm broken?" and sadly yes...her arm is broken...at least I had a good chuckle combined with a small hiccup of a cry fully realizing that I am far beyond Phase 1

*PHASE 2: Drinking like your mother...sure when we all are given the go-ahead to drink and we go to bars and such we choose all these wonderful exotic concoctions made up of 27 different types of liqour...things with names like "Super Porn Star" and "Banana Slammer" and "The Shaking O"...but then you get older...wiser...and realize that you don't like waking up with the impression of the toilet seat ringing your face...so you become more sedate in your drinking...and you start drinking the "grown up" drinks - the ones that are usually only served up with one type of alcohol - the ones with the safe names like "gin and tonic"..."jack and coke" or the one that I now drink...the one that my mother drinks..."Amaretto"...I


Jenny said...

Ok number 1. I drink amaretto. Does that make me old? I thought I was just being sophisticated?

Number 2. If I spent $58 on panties everyone I know would see them. EVERYONE.

Christina000 said...

phase 1 and 2 have me lmbo. Our greatest fears materializing right before our eyes. How did this happen?

great post!