Friday, May 25, 2007

Big Hair Band are Pussies

So I bought myself an MP3 player – which in turn lead us getting our whole house outfitted for digital everything…cause I could not effectively download songs on the measly AOL dial-up we had…of course I just wanted to see about getting high speed internet – but I called Comcast…and well next thing you know a beefy young man was at my house diddling my plugs…(oh wait this my blog…not my letter to Penthouse)

OK so now we have Cable internet…which now after being able to download 100 songs in under 5 minutes I can never get rid of…plus the fact Third Child and I found soft porn available on the On Demand Cable…whoo hoo…nothing like seeing some Reno prostitutes get it on…well that and Noggin On Demand….what can I say it satisfies everyone in the house…

So I got my MP3 player and got a subscription to Rhapsody on the Go – which allows me to download playlists other people create into my MP3 player…I have enjoyed going back and reliving my high school life thru music…that is until the other day…

I downloaded a playlist called….Hair Bands of the 80’s….SCORE (or so I thought) – It had a total of 86 songs and I thought “man I will get my rock on”….after all – Warrant, Skid Row, Lita Ford, Kiss…and many others…well I discovered most are


Did every big hair 80’s band release a sappy love song or 5…WTF Van Halen and Skid Row I thought better of you and Mr. Big…sorry maybe you should be on the One Hit Wonder list…

Now I know not every song can be like Cherry Pie or Dr. Feelgood – but come on…surely you all have more rockin hits…every other songs is some sappy love song…and Sister Christian…why is that song on the playlist…

I guess I should have looked for the “Non pussy songs of 80’s Hair Bands”

I am however – really enjoying the “Class of ’93 and beyond” playlist….but my favorite…”Early 90’s High school” – a little classic MC, Criss Cross, Cypress Hill and of course a song I shook my ass to on the dance floor…a little Tag Team…

There's a party over here
a party over there
Wave your hands in the air
Shake your deriere
These three words when you're gettin' busy
Whoomp there it is

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