Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I'm Fat and I Need to go on a Diet

“I’m fat and I need to go on a diet” – you would think these words were uttered from my mouth…

Well you would be wrong…

That sentence was uttered by my 6.5 year old darling little 52 lb. stringbean of a girl.

Yesterday I went and picked her up from afterschool and before we left she wanted to go see her little friend – which I will refer to as BI (Bad Influence)

So she goes over to her little friend and next thing I know they are running a lap around the cafagymanasium and get around to me. BI asks if they can run around 2 more times – I gently say NO…to which out of PWG mouth came that fateful sentence

“I’m Fat and I Need to go on a Diet”

To which BI nodded her head and told me they were trying to loose weight so they can be skinny – when I told them they were both perfect just as they were – BI said “Oh we could be skinnier”

WHAT. THE. *&%$!!!!!!

I figured at some point in my daughter’s life I was going to have to deal with body issues…after all they are girls and let’s just say there are some genetic wildcards in our family…

But I figured I had at least 6-8 years before I had to deal with this – NOT at age 6.5

Is it wrong to blame BI for putting thoughts into her head, because right now she is the only “source” I can think of that is putting “ideas” in my daughters head?

I mean while we do have Barbies in our house – Bratz are banned. I watch all the kiddie type shows with them and I have yet to see one where they talk about fat/thin issues…We watch the Cheetah girls – which IMO show REAL teenage bodies…you go Raven Symone

I did tell PWG that she doesn’t need to loose weight and she was thin enough and could actually put some more meat on her bones…

Quick does anyone know where I can get a Jennifer Love Hewitt Bikini poster?


Gretchen said...


Gretchen said...

Oh, and I'd bring it to the staff's attention - not in a 'bad' way, but in a 'could you please keep an eye on this for me' way.

Tree said...

I agree with G.

I hope she forgets quickly and moves her attention to something else. I just want to know where BI heard it?