Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gin in my Apron Pocket....

well I am back on the wagon...well so to speak...

Thanks to Lotta last year I joined the MILF club - you know Mothers I'd like to (you know you know)

I will admit that I weigh the same this year as last year...{head hung in shame}

BUT I am about ready to start WW again (third times the charm right?) - It has worked for me in the past and I am no where near the weight I was when I FIRST started WW a number of years ago...

Anyway since alot of people involved in the MILF group have found thier lives have taken different paths - Lotta has decided to start a new group - Gin in my Apron Pocket

Although I do hold the right to replace the Gin with Tequila...after all a Margarita isn't a Margarita without Tequila (and triple sec and lime and salt)

so I am taking on the group to better myself this year...I have goals...little goals but goals nonetheless

  • Loose 20 lbs
  • Actually go on a family vacation this year
  • Work on getting an Etsy shop up and actually running...need something to pay for all my craft clutter
  • Say F' it and let my girls have ice cream for dinner every few months
  • Try not to stress out over our possible kitchen remodel
  • Hide the Tagalongs so PWG won't find them and eat them all...{I bought them for me!!!}
  • Blog more often...let's see small steps - say 2X's per week at least
  • Actually leave comments on the peoples blogs I read :)

So that's about all I have for now....

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Lotta said...

I joined and rejoined Weight Watchers no less than 5 times before losing 35 pounds. As did most of the folks there. No worries. You'll lose it.

Beware the Etsy addiction!