Thursday, March 27, 2008

When I need a laugh...

One site I like to frequent is called BEST OF CRAIGSLIST

It is a cumulative spot where well the best postings of Craiglist can be some cases it is items people are looking to other cases they are mindless rants that make soda shoot out of my nose as I giggle too hard...

some of my favorites from the past few months - (just click the link - sit back and enjoy)

PINK VAGINA COUCH - in all actuality it looks quite comfy - it would probably be the perfect addition to any lesbian home.

CARTON OF IRREGULAR CAT HATS - ummm anyone else going for the theory the cat committed suicide?

GRANNY PORN - just one word EWWWWWW....

ON THE PROWL - some people just don't have standards....

FARTING DOG - this one had tears of laughter coming from my eyes


There are many many many go goof off and read :)

Happy Thursday!!!

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