Thursday, June 12, 2008

And yet the week isn’t over yet….

So last time I wrote I was without air conditioning and we had already been through 2 days of RECORD heat with more to come…

So Friday TC and I dropped the girls off at Girl Scout camp for the weekend after coming home early to meet with an HVAC guy…and excitedly ran out of the camp when the girls barely acknowledged our existence when we were leaving.

We ended up going to see the Indiana Jones movie as the thought of going back to the fiery pits of hell a.k.a our home did not appeal to us. Luckily when we got home it was cooling off so we managed to get some sleep.

Saturday we got up early and headed out…we managed to get a lot of things done as far as the house renovation goes – picked out countertops, appliances, cabinets, faucets. We also heard back from the HVAC guy – ummm pass – he wanted 9K AND told us it would be up to 3 weeks before they could install it…we managed to spend the rest of the day milling around here and there (I managed to snag some fabric at a yardsale for $1…the pattern is OK – I think I might make some simple totebags with it – to take to the grocery store and whatnot) and wound up at the $2 theater where we went to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall…funniest movie I have seen in a long time…if you are a fan of the Knocked Up – Superbad genre of film you will LOVE this one.

Got home Saturday night and quite frankly it was cooler outside then inside our home. I spent the night feeling like something was crawling all over me and trying to eat me alive…must have been having some flashback to the Indiana Jones movie (those that have seen it will know what I am talking about).

Sunday go and pick up the girls from camp and off to a BBQ at a friends house…an “inside” BBQ because it was too freakin hot outside for anyone to stand. On the way home we stopped at Target and bought fans…yep fans…

By some miracles of miracles TC and I were outside on Sunday evening in our front yard and a neighbor drove by…he stopped to chat and we told him of our misery and then bid him farewell – or so we thought…15 minutes later he shows up at our door with a heat pump motor – he just happened to have one at his house (I didn’t ask)…oh did I also mention he is an electrician by trade…15 minutes later sweet, sweet cool air is blowing through my vents…I owe him ALOT...

So we are living on borrowed air. We got 2 more quotes on Monday and think we have found the right company…who has an excellent reputation and is almost 4K BELOW the first estimate….see it pays to get multiple quotes….

One crisis averted…another takes it place….

So I have been having some pains in my lower belly for a little while now along the left side of my C-section scar – I had bad intense pain about 3-4 years ago that I went oto my GYN about and she preliminary diagnosed it as endometriosis…over the years the pain faded away except for occasional twinges here and there so it got pushed to the “back burner” as I dealt with lifes other issues–

Well it flared back up and it got more intense and consistent after a night of playing Wii Fit for an hour (stupid free step) last week…I HATE Dr’s – I can literally count on one hand the number of times I have been to the Dr for myself in the past 6 years…so needless to say I don’t have a primary Dr…a friend of mine gave me the name of a Dr and I called Tuesday…lo and behold they had a 3:45 appointment for Tues…so I go and get poked and prodded and told I might have a possible incisional hernia – great…

So he gets me set up with an abdominal ultrasound for Wed morning at the hospital and an appointment with a general surgeon for next Thursday.

Go to the US yesterday and good news is I don’t have a hernia…bad news is I have some sort of mass…not really sure what it is but whatever it is chances are it is coming out surgically…personally I am *thinking* it is Scar Endometrioma

Scar endometrioma is an uncommon condition following caesarean section. It presents as a lump on the caesarean scar and can often be painful.

In reading more about this I was surprised to find that in many cases patients who are ultimately diagnosed with Scar Endometrioma are preliminary referred to general surgeons for possible incisional hernias…things that make you go HUMMM - and yes the "uncommon" would be right up my alley...

So hopefully next Thursday I see where I stand…what is it? will it get removed? If it is removed will it come back?

Such an exciting upcoming summer…house renovations and surgery

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