Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Don't be a Jesus Hater'

On Sunday Third Child did a chore he has been meaning to do for oh about a year now…

Hang a cross in the girls roomThe cross we had is made of dark wood with the requisite Jesus on it – you know the reminder that he died for our sins…

Well he put it up without asking me and it went right smack in the middle of their wall between their beds…I was more than a little perturbed that he smacked a hole right in the middle of my beautiful wallpapered wall – but I got over it (well not really…)

So on Sunday night we go walking into the girls room getting ready for bed…TW was already in bed while PWG and I were walking into their room and the conversation went something like this

PWG : I don’t want Jesus in my room

ME: Well you have to talk with Daddy about that

PWG: DAAAAAADDDDDDY – can you get rid of Jesus?

TC (coming up the stairs): Why don’t you want Jesus in your room?

PWG: I just don’t (at this point I had my fingers behind her head like horns while mouthing “She’s the offspring of the Devil” – mean I know…but appropriate for the situation)

TC: Well give me a reason.

PWG: It doesn’t go with the colors of my room.

ME: Maybe we can get a Pink one? (or maybe even a rainbow one…there has to be a Lesbians for Jesus Web store right….I mean the ‘net has everything)

PWG: Nooooooo I don’t want Jesus…

TW: (piping up from her bed) I want Jesus….PWG he Died for us… (about a 10 second delay) Well he died for three days….but still he died for US

At this point both TC and I lost it…almost peeing our pants lost it….

ME: Ok what about if we move the cross to TW side and we can get you a picture of Mary

PWG: I don’t want Jesus in the picture

ME: I don’t know about that most of the pictures I’ve seen have Mary and Baby Jesus

PWG: NO, No baby Jesus, no cross Jesus, no Jesus, just Mary

TW: (piping up again) JESUS PWG don’t be a Jesus hater

A perfect conversation on a perfect Easter evening…

Such is life…never boring


Heather said...

OMG, too funny. Did you ever figure out WHY she is anti-Jesus?

Lotta said...