Thursday, June 21, 2007

Whats in a Name?

My girls are 6 years old…you would think by now they would know the proper names for certain areas of their bodies…

They don’t.

It is not because I don’t want to teach them the proper names…they just have never asked…

The area in question has been called a lot of things around our house…(mainly whispered between Third Child and I)

Berry Free Zone
Akav (aaaaa-kav) – Area Known as Vagina
Nether regions
Private area

Lately I have just been calling it - HOO-HOO (who-who)

“Scrub your hoo-hoo girls…get it good and clean”

The other day TW and PWG wanted to play in their kiddie pool in the backyard…if it meant me not having to deal with the bathtub + tiring them out – no brainer…

So PWG comes inside, dries off and strips to her skivvies…she comes to me bearing Princess Panties and asks me to put them on her…and the conversation went a little something like this

ME: - Hold on before you put those on it looks like you have a piece of grass near your HOO-HOO (grab a tissue and get the grass)
PWG: Is that what it is really called?
ME: What?
PWG: HOO-HOO – is that it’s real name?
ME: - ummmm, wellll – no it is called a Vagina…
PWG: Vagina…oh I like HOO HOO better.

Long live the HOO-HOO


ronee said...

This conversation and post made my day! I have three girls and my oldest is 11..about to be 12...and i remember having a very simple conversation. Our Choni (Ch o knee) (girl parts)..and Chon Chon (Ch on Ch on) (boy parts). Why..i have no idea..i just remember that is what I called it when I didn't know the real name. same thing..except mine the sprinkler in the front yard and the bikini bottoms pushing up into her girl parts...but it was time to take off wet suit and come inside.
Traysea: My choni hurts.
Me: Ok
Traysea: Is that it's real name? Choni?
Me: No sister it is a vagina.
Traysea: What? A what?
Me: A v a g i n a.
Traysea: EWWW what an ugly name. We should just stick with Choni! Insert kiss and off to play with her sister!

jpmayo said...

Hey Jen!
Since yours is my very fav. non-stamping blog, I tagged you over at my new blog...hope that's ok:)
See you next weekend!