Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More of what Jenni Needs....

In order to attract the woman of her erotic dreams, Jenni needs to learn to be more alluring.

Hummm the woman of my erotic dreams....somehow I don't think I am that Jenni

jenni (needs a drink and a vacation!!)


If you feel that Jenni meets your needs, we can provide you with a test implementation of Jenni so that you can try out an ideas

Dude...what sort of needs need to be met...

Jenni needs to coordinate with Laura

maybe she is the woman of my erotic dreams?????

Jenni needs her toenails trimmed

Yeah- OK possibily

Jenni needs to go upstairs and change soon,

for the woman of my erotic dreams???

Jenni needs help from someone with MYOB experience


Jenni needs coffee

of course...I don't need to be told this....

Jenni needs to get a life

gee thanks a lot....

Jenni needs to be there to liven it up and to be Miss Cheeky

does this go hand and hand with get a life...as far as being Miss Cheeky...there is a time and place for that...and that is called College....

Jenni needs applications

for what....are people applying to be the woman of my erotic dreams?

Jenni needs
a video blog

not a wide lens big enough to fit my arse in the picture

jenni! you def. need to vamp up your page a little

Ok - don't be so antsy....

hey jenni! you need to update your shit. who else is going to entertain me!

Gotcha...I'll try and do better....

NOW - it is your turn...
  • Go to Google
  • Type in "your name" + "needs" (without " ")
  • See what YOU need :)


Amanda A. said...

Where are you?!?!?! I need your "sassy" take on life!!!!

jpmayo said...

I missed your posts so much, I tagged you on my blog...now you just have to post!!

Anonymous said...

Hello? Hello? Are you coming back anytime soon? I really miss your funny posts...