Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So many things swirling in my head….

So this weekend I went to a convention for Mothers of Multiples…

Do you know what happens when 200 women are free from their kids and husbands for greater than a few hours…

MAYHEM…well old haggard mother mayhem

I do have to say Friday night was the most fun I have had in ages…it totally took me back to my college days…dancing on the floor with all my girlfriends…having drinks confiscated by hotel management (note if you bring a drink in from the “outside” dump it into a hotel glass – don’t keep drinking it out of a huge red plastic cup).

There was something in there that involved me, a stage, my friend R, light up electric flame candles in my bra and I do believe I did grab my crotch….oh yeah I was also singing along to “Like a Virgin”…. There was some talk of R and I recreating the Madonna/Brittney MTV kiss but we restrained ourselves…I think the crotch grabbing was enough…Like I said Total MOMMY Mayhem…it was {unfortunately} caught on tape for all of eternity…I so need a copy of the tape because in 8 or so years when my girls start yelling that I am uncool or don’t know how to have fun I think their punishment will be to watch their mother grab her crotch on stage while her breasts are glowing…

However, later that evening my friend Deb did the most hysterical interpretive dance to Ozzy’s Crazy Train I have ever seen…It was sort of like if Animal from the Muppets had gotten Tasered….or for those of you who have had the pleasure of seeing Barnyard…she was totally Wild Mike. I swear I might of have leaked a little I was laughing so hard….the pinnacle of the dance involved her throwing herself down on the stage and doing something she calls “Fish out of Water”…now let me tell you that Deb is probably all of 4’10” and has some HUGE mammeries on her…. So there she is flopping all around the stage….That too was recorded on tape for all of eternity.

But it gets so much better because at some point someone decided we Mommies must drink and dance some more…so what did we do – we went to a bar – there were about 10 of us and we had a great time – when we arrived at said bar the dance floor was empty – but not for long….I dare say we brought the party because about 15 minutes after we all arrived that dance floor was packed.

I somehow made it back to the hotel…and today Wed. is the first day I feel normal again…when I woke up on Saturday morning I felt like I had swallowed a sock and the first words out of my mouth was “I will never do that again”…

Ummm yeah only 365 more days till the next convention – YEEE HAAAAA

In other news....PWG was voted Most Caring in her class...I am so proud

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