Thursday, December 17, 2009

Crafting - Chaos Style

So yesterday I showed off the Chocolately Goodness that were my Cocoa Cones...

A cone is great to give as a quick gift - to a neighbor, a co-worker, etc..., but what if you want something more...

Then I give you the Hot Chocolate for Two...

Quite a long time ago I came into possession of a few blank kraft cardboard drink holders - half were for holding two drinks and half were for four. They have been sitting in a box...staring at me...tauting me...saying USE ME USE ME

and use them I did...

I took the one that had room for 2 cups and decorated the outside with fun festive Designer Scrapbook paper (from Stampin' Up) and some stitched felt ribbon I found in the dollar bin at the big M's...and added a nice Holiday greeting and some jingle bells.

Then I added in two cute red and white mugs with a snowflake design I picked up at the Dollar Store.

Add in a Cocoa Cone in one side and a small bag of Holiday Chocolate topped with a sparkly chipboard snowflake in the other and VIOLA....

I made up four of these before I did my craft fairs - I brought them to the fairs thinking if they sell they sell - if not my teacher gifts are done...they all I had to scramble a bit for what to give to teachers this year - luckly for me one of the class mom was taking donations to buy the teacher a new Kuerig you go here is my $10 - done easy peasy...
Here are a few more things that have been swirling around in the house of Chaos...

Fleece Tie Blankets...

There are 101 different types of directions to do these blankets - I read a few different versions and just winged it - in retrospect I should have cut the ties longer - but the girls love thier blankets

Fabric Wreath
I used the directions found at Moda Bake Shop - for my wreath I used Figgy Pudding by Basic Grey for Moda fabric

Decorated Bags

I found about a dozen small zippered cosmetic bags at my parents house over Thanksgiving...they orginally held Neutrogena samples - but now they were empty and once again I heard the tauting - USE ME USE ME... One side was mesh and the other side a clear plastic. I had a bought a bunch of smaller fun items for ny neices for thier Christmas present - Bubble bath, lipgloss, nailpolish, little bottle of perfume, a bracelet and a big bath puff...

What better than a personalized little bag to hold everything

I used my wonderful new Silhouette machine and some Bubblegum Oracle Vinyl

In the works

MELLY and ME Reindeer

I have the pieces of 6 Melly and Me Reindeer sewn- they still have to be stuffed, sewn shut, legs attached and have nose and eyes added...they are calling for snow all day on Saturday...what better time to stuff half dozen reindeer right?


Tuesday at school was crazy Hair Day - PWG choose to have 2 pigtails sticking straight up - upon getting home she took them out - but as us women know sometimes your hair just keeps sticking she shouted "OMG daddy - look at my hair"

ME: What does OMG stand for (I know I just wondered what they thought
PWG & TW (in unison) : Oh My Gosh
ME: - oh Ok
TW: But sometimes it means Oh My That word you say alot (while pointing her little finger up towards the sky)

ummm yeah...maybe I need to make sure one of my New Years Resolution is saying Gosh more then That Other Word....

Wed. was "Twin Day" at my girls school - so on Tuesday while driving home from afterschool care I asked PWG what she needed to wear and was told "Jeans" so she could be twins with J - ummm PWG only wears dresses, leggings, skirts and skorts...the last time she wore a pair of jeans was when she was 2, because she had absolutely no say...whereas TW wears Jeans 99.89% of the time time - so while we were driving this occured

ME: You really are going to wear Jeans??
PWG: J doesn't have any leggings - all she has is Jeans
ME: I am soo getting a picture of you in Jeans
PWG: NOOOOOO - I will run away
ME: Then I will get a picture of you running away - in Jeans
PWG: FINE - but it better not show up on Facebook

Oye - raising kids in the 21st century....

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