Thursday, February 08, 2007

Just a Note...

Note to husband: Farting in the bed does not make it warmer…no matter how many times you try and tell me that…it only makes it smelly!

Note to TW:
I know you hear me when I ask you to do something, over and over and over again…why is I have to tell you 100 times to get dressed in the morning, in a very loud “I’m being stern” voice, but I barely whisper the word “chocolate” and you are right by my side with your grubby little paw out?

Note to PWG: I am pretty convinced I nicknamed you right…you always seem to have your panties in a big wad…I am so over the “flop on the floor tantrums because you don’t get your way”…and BTW one day you will have to learn to tie your own shoes…just because TW gets enjoyment out of tying everyone’s shoes right now – one day that excitement will wear off and you will be stuck…with floppy laces

Note to Spring 2007 Dress designers: Chubby Gals of the World Rejoice!!! Can I get an Halla-freakin-Luah! Have you all seen the wondrous dresses in the windows of places like Dress Barn, Macys, Sears, etc…

Now on the rack they just sort of look Blah and you feel the fabric and your brain send warning signals because the fabric feels “stretchy” and you think to yourself “Self – you are going to look like a squatty column of flesh lumps” – but noooooo OH noooo – the cut of these dresses are fantastic….nice higher empire like waists…fabric that flows AWAY from the hips….

I tried on the dress pictured this past weekend at JC Penny’s - which is not a store I frequent but I was returning a hideous purse that was a holiday gift from my Mother-in-Law – after seeing the dresses I will probably be back again this summer – I grabbed my size – a 14 – and it was actually a little big on me – I figured I would wait and see where I was weight and dress size wise in another 2 months before I sink $$ into a springy dress.

I was driving by a Dress Barn the other day and they had the cutest dresses in their front window….with an investment in a good pair of SpanxsOH MOMMA I am going to look fan-freakin-tastic!!!

So to the Spring 2007 Dress designers – THANK YOU from the bottom of my chubby little ass….

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