Thursday, March 23, 2006

Fiber, Fat and Nipples?...Oh My!

Diet – did someone say diet and during Girl Scout cookie time no less…

OK last year I finally took a good long look at a picture of me and I was floored about how large I had become…I was entering Shamu territory and was starting to look bigger than I was when I was 34 weeks pregnant with twins and that is BIG.

So I gathered up my courage and my checkbook and joined Weight Watchers and went faithfully almost every Saturday morning to weigh myself in front of virtual strangers and talk with people who understood the great and mysterious WW language of points, fiber and fat grams, oh my.

In a years time I lost 40 lbs and 2 sizes – I was happy and thrilled and then I stopped going…thinking I can do this on my own…right….sure….

I can say that only 5 lbs have crept back up on me – but that is 5 lbs to many…add on to the fact that I am still overweight – not a good thing because 5 easily becomes 10 becomes 15 – well you get the picture.

I belong to a club for parents of multiples, just recently a few of us decided to embark on our own “Biggest Losers” plan of action – everyone ponied up $10 and at the end of 12 weeks whoever has lost the highest % of weight gets the money – and it isn’t chump change either – we are talking over $150.

Yes we were all aware it is the middle of Girl Scout Cookie season – in fact it was the topic of a posting on our little Yahoo Group…for those that might be interested

Lemon Coolers 5 cookies = 3 points
Do-si-dos 3 cookies = 4 points
Thin Mints 4 cookies = 3 points
Tagalongs 2 cookies = 3 points
Cafe Cookies 5 cookies = 3 points
Samoas 2 cookies = 4 points
Trefoils 4 cookies = 3 points
All Abouts 2 cookies = 4 points

So what if my current “diet” consists of lettuce and Tagalongs – as long as I stay within my points I should loose some weight. Right?

The biggest thing with me is no matter how much weight I lose I will still have a belly – my flubber, my spare tire, my twin skin – a lovely chunk of midsection that will never go away without surgery...

I keep making a mental pact with myself that if I lose enough weight maybe, just maybe I’ll splurge and get a tummy tuck.
  • Tangent – BTW I absolutely adore watching Dr. 90210 on E! – for some strange reason this show absolutely fascinates me – obviously it fascinates other people or else it wouldn’t still be on TV. Before this show I never, ever thought of having a boob job – the idea of someone removing my nipples and then sewing them back on gives me the heebie jeebies – but through the wonder that is Dr. 90210 I have learned that if you have a tummy tuck they can actually insert the implants through the tummy incision – no nipple removing needed. Just an interesting little tidbit that will now be forever burned into your brain. When you bring it up at your next dinner party just remember to give me a mental thank-you.

OK back on track…what was I saying – oh yes if I ever lost enough I would consider a tummy tuck…in all reality this will never happen. Oh well it is nice to have dreams right.

Anyway wish me luck on my “diet” that $150 could go real far buying lettuce and Samoas


Builder Mama said...

OK, I love Dr. 90210 too and have been fascinated by the whole breast implants through the navel as well....I'm just wondering how freaking bad your abdominal area must hurt after they go probing through there to get the implants in there? If it's less pain than childbirth, I'm right there with you. And that tummy tuck too.

Maybe we can get a volume discount for ourselves and celebrate our recovery with some Tagalongs. Yum.


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