Monday, March 20, 2006

A little this....a little that....

I guess I should write more of who and what I am all about.

I filled out my profile and it was very interesting to try and put who I am in such a small space - so I figured I would elaborate more here...

Wife - yes I am a wife - have been for about 8.5 years. I have been with my hubby going on 12+ years now... the way we met was very involved a college mixer, alcohol and bondange (note: if my mother is somehow reading this...we were fully clothed) - I might write about it one day, however if my daughters ever learn how to read I will change the posting to say simply "I met my dear husband at a wonderful church social"

Mother - I spoke of my daughters above - I am a mother of two very rambuncous almost 5 year old twin girls... There are many days I feel blessed that I was granted the opportunity to birth and raise twins...other days I feel like I did something to reaaaaaalllllly piss off the powers that be...and before anyone they are not identical...they are about as different as you can get and I marvel everyday at the power of nature vs nurture. In all actuality I am sure a majority of my postings will center around frick and frack

Employee - I don't think I am ready to reveal what exactly I do for a living yet - let's just say many people find it interesting and currently there seem to be a lot of TV shows based upon my profession - I may or may not talk about this in the future...Suffice to say I work your basic 9-5 M-F job.

Small Business Owner - as if I thought I didn't have enough going on in my life I also have my own "home based" party business - you know the ones where you invite a consultant into your home to sell stuff out of a beautifully designed catalog. So as not to go against any "rules" the company has I won't mention the name here but it is a stampin' company.

Dog Owner - We own a dog - which we named after our local college bar - Murph's. We got Murph from an ad in the local paper - $10 and she was ours - NOTE - never buy a dog for $10 from a local paper. The dog is allergic to GRASS - seriously grass...if it weren't for the fact she licks my kids clean and keeps squirrals out of my yard she would have been gone a long time ago

Home Owner - we own a home - in a very nice neighborhood - I can't say much about our home but our homeowners association...oh my....

Eclectic Soul - I am that - I don't really have a style - unless comfortable and cheap is a style...I like all sorts of movies and music...I have a wide variety of friends

Queen of Chaos - I am sooooo not intent to just sit back and let the world pass on by no matter how hard I try. I always seem to have 5-6 balls up in the air at anyone time - over the past few years since having my kids I have been better about letting some balls drop but not as many as my husband would like.

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