Friday, March 24, 2006

Of Pigmy Goats and Tampons

My old self…

Yesterday I got an e-mail from a college friend - the e-mail was nice and basically stated she had gotten married and knocked-up. This led me to call another college friend whom I adore. I count myself lucky to have a few friends in this world that I can go months without speaking to and then pick up the phone and chat away like the last time we saw each other was yesterday…

This of course got us to reminiscing about old college times…ah yes so long ago…

After I got off the phone with her I started reflecting on my life while I was in college and the “OLD” me…the “PRE-MOMMY” me…the “BEFORE MORTGAGE” me…

If you don’t mind I would like to reflect for a moment

The old me...

  • Was the jello sucking champion of York College
  • Once baby-sat a pigmy goat some Frat boys stole as a prank
  • Learned if you down pink jello-shots…then do 2 beer bongs it will earn you the nickname of Pukey Pukster
  • Got a black eye while skinny-dipping
  • Dated a boy nicknamed “Yakster”
  • Had “intimate moments” in an A/V closet
  • Had an unusual nickname (other than Pukey Pukster)
  • Convinced my boyfriend (now husband) to dress up as a huge giant orange Carrot
  • Had to listen to said boyfriend mutter all night “I am not a damned pumpkin”
  • Accidentally ran over some boys foot with my car
  • Had “intimate moments” in a closet behind a beer machine
  • Swore I would NEVER drive a minivan
  • Hold –on I am waiting for the laughter in my head to stop from the last thing I wrote
  • Lived in a haunted house
  • Ordered Long Island Ice Teas because they sounded cool
  • Learned if your roommate pukes on the radiator in the middle of winter you haul ass to get it cleaned up as soon as possible
  • Got stuck to the sticky nasty floor of a frat house
  • Overheard some boy trying to explain to a Dr. just how and why he ended up with a beer cap stuck in his throat (How – swallowed it Why – a dare)
  • Once did chew with half a college baseball team
  • Learned that First love and True Love are not one in the same
  • Rode the PATH train from New York to Jersey City at 2am
  • Once found a mushroom growing between the tile cracks in a frat boys bathroom
  • Spent the night in the All-Boys dorm
  • Never had to explain to a 4 year old what a tampon is

I look back and think – why did I ever let my old me go?

Then I get to the bottom of my list…

And then I am ok with letting my old self go…I would much rather talk tampons with a 4 year old then wrangle a pigmy goat any day…