Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lord help me - the tooth fairy is broken

Well big news in our house - one of my daughters lost her first tooth...

Ok I digress Mommy pulled the loose tooth from her little mouth because I thought she would swallow it...and I ain't fishing for any tooth that gets swallowed KWIM.

So it was a very exciting night - I took pictures, I took video, we hooted and hollered and got all excited.

THEN...her sister started wailing...see this is the drawback of having twins - when something good or exciting happens to one the other gets her panties in a wad and throws a hissy-fit. So toothless wonder(TW) and I had to let the excitement die and I had to console pantie-wad girl (PWG) all while trying to come up with answers to questions I had no clue about...

PWG: When will my tooth come out
Me: When it is loose
PWG: When will it be loose
Me: I don't know
PWG: When mommy, when mommy, when mommy

It almost drove me to find that rusty pair of pliers in the garage...she finally quit asking when I dangled a very yummy Girl Scout cookie in front of her.

So of course back to the toothless wonder - so I ran upstairs and got her little tooth fairy tin that I had made with my crafty little hands just waiting for this particular mommy moment. We put the small little tooth in the tin and in it went under the pillow.

Everything went great - got the girls to bed - told them that as soon as they were asleep I would call the tooth fairy and let her know she had a pick-up - to which both were in awe that I actually possessed the Tooth Fairy's phone number - I told them that she didn't come in to take the tooth until all little girls and boys are asleep. So off they went to slumberland.

Tooth Fairy swooped in at about 11pm and exchanged the tiny tooth with a buck (which turns out is the going rate for a 1st tooth since mommy choose a tin that doesn't fit a quarter) and all was right with the world.

This morning - shouts of glee were heard as the TW opened up her tin and found her dollar, which she promptly inserted into her Reindeer money bank after showing it off to PWG. To which PWG threw yet another hissy fit...which caused me to turn around quickly and throw my back out.....

THE TOOTH FAIRY IS BROKEN... hurts like hell - so now I get to walk around like I am a constipated pregnant woman about ready to birth triplets until I can get an appointment with my chiropractor...


Mrs. Wheezer said...

I hope the tooth fairy gets fixed right up. Back problems are the worst.

Builder Mama said...

Great story - I am just envisioning the whole scene. Hope the visit to the chiropractor helps.