Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Another Va-jay-jay edition...

This doesn't have so much to do with my particular Va-jay-jay as it does with what the Va-jay-jay was specifically designed for...

So I have always been up front with my girls and they know they grew in my belly - together...about a year or so ago many of my friends were pregnant...I would tell my girls "so and so has a baby growing in their belly" and they would be all excited.

Recently we went to visit a friend who has a son the same age as my girls and is pregnant with her second. The girls looked at her belly and simply told my friend that when the baby came out they wanted to teach her how to walk...simple enough, no?

The toothless wonder recently asked me how she and her sister got out of my tummy. That was an easy enough question for me to answer since I had a C-section - I simply told her that the Dr. cut me open and took her and her sister from my belly and then they stitched me up. She seemed pretty satisfied with that answer and didn't press on any further.

I am waiting for the day when one of them ask HOW the babies get in the bellies...many of my friends have had to deal with this question head-on while pregant with thier 2nd from their 1st's - it is interesting to hear the stories of what different people tell their children.

My favorite story comes from my neighbor - her daughter asked her father how the baby got in mommy's tummy - without really thinking he answered "Daddy has a magic wand that puts the baby in mommy's belly" - the next day she went to school and told all her friends that her daddy had a magic wand that puts babies in mommies bellies...innocent right...well what would you say if your 3.5 year old came home and asked to see daddy's baby making magic wand?

I do know that one day I will be faced with the question of just how are babies made...I actually have a Video called Where Did I Come From - which is entirely done in cartoons and voiced by Howie Mandel (Deal or No Deal Howie...) The movie is hysterically funny - if you are a drunk 20 year old college student...but there is no way I would EVER show this to one of my children as I liken it to soft-core cartoon porn.

My favorite part of the video has to do with when they describe how the "DEED" is done - they show the stark naked cartoon man (te he he cartoon penis) and woman getting into bed {with the covers on} and show the spread moving up and down while the cartoon characters make some gutteral sounds...they liken the whole process to a "nice tickle" - occassionally the scene cuts to two cats rubbing up against one another - I don't know about you but I am pretty sure you can't make a baby by rubbing two pussies together - now if they had had a cat and rooster rubbing up against one another that would make far more sense...

but I think to myself - one day I will be asked the question "How are babies made?"

At this point I figure my simple response will be..."Go ask your father"

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