Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Insanity never ends

Ummm ok – my kids are going to make me go insane…I AM going to wind up like my mother and my grandmother

So this morning TW hops out of bed and gets dressed…I tell her “Go down and give Murphy (the dog) some food”…so away she goes…

Meanwhile PWG is sitting on the toilet…trying to decide between 2 pairs of underwear.

Have I mentioned at this point we are 10 minutes behind our usual morning scheduale.

So I have to say “please PWG – just pick a pair of underwear” to which I am told “It’s a delicate decision” – really a delicate decision? And what 6 year old talks like that…”delicate decision”

From downstairs I hear and anguished cry….so I fly down the stairs to see TW with tears rolling down her face…whatever could be the matter….through her tears I get this

TW: Murphy already has food.
ME: Well just give her some more
TW: NOOOOOOOOO then she will have too much
ME: Fine than don’t feed her
TW: But I WANT to feed her
ME: Do you want me to dump all the food in the bag? Hold On “PWG – please stop dancing around in your underwear with the cat and get dressed”

Ok – then there was a whole meltdown conversation about what color socks TW should wear this morning…

We are now 15 minutes behind schedule…

PWG comes down dressed and goes out to the garage…meanwhile TW is having another meltdown because I am not helping her get her socks and shoes on…never mind had I OFFERED to help her I would have been on the receiving end of a “I CAN DO IT MYSELF” melt down…you know damned if you do damned if you don’t…

So I helping TW get her socks and shoes on when I hear banging…PWG had managed to lock herself out of the house in the garage…

ME: Hold on PWG
PWG: {bang, bang, bang}
ME: Hold on
PWG: {bang, bang, bang}
ME: I SAID Hold on
PWG: {bang, bang, bang}
ME: For the love of all that is good and holy…{mutter some choice words under my breath}

At this point PWG gave up and crawled through the doggy door…

And then….this occurred

PWG: Murphy doesn’t have any food.
TW: Yes she does.
PWG: No she doesn’t.
TW: PWG did you put Murphy’s food back in the bag?
PWG: Yes so you could feed Murphy this morning like you wanted to. {bless her little heart}
TW: {cue tears} But I was getting used to the idea that she had food….now I HAVE to feed her.


So 20 minutes late and 3 notches more insane I finally made it out of my house this morning…
What I am thankful for today: I am thankful that PWG shows such love to her sister.


g-man said...

Yup. Tis times like that I reming my lovely wife that she asked for two, I tried to warn her, but she insisted. :)

One or two cute things will counter the effects of their morning button pushing. (good thing too otherwise there would be no children in the world)

Gretchen said...

Happens at our house as well - especially the I-can-do-it-no-help-me routine...

Amanda A. said...

Wow, seriously, when did you sneak into my house and plant the hidden camera? Except I don't have twins. Imagine all of that comeing from ONE CHILD. EEK! Have I mentioned that I love this blogging-every-day thing?

Lotta said...

Oh yea, I gave up on trying to explain to the preschool teacher that we were late because daughter decided to get naked right as we were leaving the house.

Now I make up stories with son that he can tell her. Like dinasours came over for breakfast and that's why we're late.