Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Let's get our ELF on....

Ok so this is how it is going to work....a special thanks to Leona over at a great Forum board I am on for inspiring me to spread ELFIN' Cheer to all

I have been in contact with a few people...they will be getting a goodie in the mail from exchange they have agreed to ELF someone else...

See where I am going with this...

SO - it is up to you my blog friends to spread the Elfin' Cheer


  • Pick 2-3 or more people to ELF. Simple as that - you can choose people at random or hold a contest on your blog to see who gets to be ELFED. You will need to contact them for thier address if you don't have it.

  • Send your ELF BUDDIES a small gift - it doesn't have to be much...a small gift card, a cute handmade item, a small bag of Holiday cookies - just about anything goes - remember tis the season to GIVE...

  • Ask them to Elf it Forward


Copy and paste this little elf onto your blog so people can see that you have been ELFED


Copy and past this little guy in your blog so everyone can see what a Great ELF you have been

Feel free to link back to this post when you spread your ELF Cheer around so they can be sure to get the Elf photos. Also let me know when you have posted either image on your blog - e-mail me at (and no I don't need any Viagra and I am very satisfied with my Penis Size)

So let's go people....GET YOUR ELF ON!!!!

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