Friday, November 30, 2007

Seven Random things for a Boring Friday...

Hummmm thanks G-Man for making me think today…

  • I have gnome addiction…there I said it – Garden gnomes rock my world…I have over a dozen of them in my garden…not to mention a few more small gnomes in my house…a Talking gnome, a Grow –a-Gnome and a Desktop gnome at work. I also own a Gnome shirt and Gnomey PJ’s

  • Twins run in my family – when TC and I were discussing how many kids we wanted the chance of twins ruled our conversation…and lookey what we have…TWINS

  • My college sorority nickname is “Spooge” – it really has nothing to do with spunk – well not really true…one of my pledge sisters mispronounced my last name as Semenguard…close but no cigar…and well the moniker was bestowed upon me by my “big” sister and really, really stuck…there were a vast number of people that didn’t know my real name…only knew me by Spooge

  • I won a jello sucking contest in college…to this day there has not been another one – does that still make me the REIGNING champ?

  • I have an addiction to Papercrafting…stamping, scrapbooking, decorative items…you name it…I love it

  • The first boy I ever slept with the 1st night I met him is now my husband. (does that make me slightly less ho-ish that I did that since we did eventually got married?)

  • I have a very dry and somewhat perverted sense of humor…most people either love me or hate me…much like Lady Sovereign (bonus points for those who know what the hell I am talking about...)

And as for Tagging people - I think a majority of people are blogged out cause of NABloMoBLOP…(see I am so tired I can’t even spell…)

So I give to you the MASSES (ha ha ha I crack myself up)…if you would like to play along – please go right ahead and drop me a line so I can link to your seven random items :)


Gretchen said...

Target has small, medium, and large Santa Gnomes...

g-man said...

Very cool, thanks for playing along. :) Spooge is too funny, I'm guessing the jello thing didn't help but foster that Spooge thing. :)

Dry and perverted I like you already!