Monday, January 29, 2007

Designers on Crack

Someone - please tell me this is a JOKE!!!

So I am sitting at my desk flipping through the latest issue of People and I come across the “StyleWatch” section…and then I see it


Apparently this is going to be all the rage in the Spring

basically MOM JEANS!!!!

Think I or People am making this up – well looky HERE

Are these designers on crack…seriously

First they design BUTT-CRACK jeans that don’t look good on 96.7% of women....all the Thonger jeans does for people is push the flubber up and out so that most everyone walks around with a ring of flubber….and some of us (I am not including my flubber self because I don’t do this) wear shirts that don’t cover the flubber ring – therefore affronting the public’s eye…

NOW – they want to put us in HIGH WAISTED Jeans….they want to trap our flubber in a denim prison…so it pulls and stretches across the flubbery belly (Does that mean shirts are going to get even shorter because the jeans are higher?) – OH MY GAWD I just realized…HIGH WAISTED JEANS and CAMELTOE go hand in hand….I think I need to find a spoon and stat!!!! Start scooping out my eyeballs now...


Dysfunctional Housewife said...

NO not the evil Cameltoe!! Thats just SAD~!

Gretchen said...

High waisted jeans = butt in front.

Never. Ever. Ever.

Builder Mama said...

Okay, kill me now. I'd rather die than wear those. And that link that showed the Grey Ant jeans, wasn't that model wearing something like those buffalo plaid shirts that were in back in like 1985? Ye gods.

Lotta said...

Ha - I loved that skit! Though I do buy the faux low waisted jeans. They look like they would be low cut if I pulled my shirt up but really they hit right under my titties. It's hot.