Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Diet Product Review #3 - Dexatrim Max2O

So my latest and greatest Diet supplement is the Dexatrim Max2O – I figured I would give it a try because after all you dissolve 2 pills in water - so you get your water in while you are taking this stuff…

This is from the Dexatrim website

The shape of weight loss is about to change….
Introducing Dexatrim® Max20™ an exciting, new way to get maximum help for weight loss* by combining the POWER of Dexatrim with all the healthy benefits of water.

Dexatrim® Max20™ is an easy-to-use, take-anywhere package of effervescent tablets that turn water into a powerful weight loss ally. Dexatrim® Max20™ is packed with Real Green Tea, Chromium, Ginseng and a Vitamin B complex designed to provide maximum help in suppressing appetite and maximum energy* to give you the power to lose weight-all of which work together to help you feel satisfied, make good food choices and drink more water every day.

Dexatrim® Max20™ is designed in individual, foil wrapped packages that are perfect to take with you anywhere and fit perfectly in your gym bag, purse, car, pocket or briefcase. The POWER of Dexatrim® Max20™ is never far way!

Dexatrim® Max20™ is available in two great tasting varieties, Mixed Berry and Lemon Splash. Put the POWER of Dexatrim® Max20™ to work in your water for a healthy way to curb appetite*, feel deliciously full and boost energy*.

My Review:
I bought the Mixed Berry box of tablets…I was at my local Food Lion getting yet another bottle of Tylenol Flu medicine for my children (why oh freakin why can’t they make a jumbo bottle…I’ll fork over the $20 just give me more than 4 ounces in a friggin bottle – with 2 kids dosed 3 times a day 1 bottle lasts me oh about 36 hours) and saw they had the Dexatrim Max2O on sale for $10.99 and I just happened to have a $2 off coupon so I grabbed it .

I decided not to take any last week when I began my diet…so yesterday was the first day I tried it…I waited until lunch and filled up my 24 oz bottle of water and added the tablets….I must note here that according to the directions it says to place 2 tablets into 16 ounces of water…I figured it can’t hurt to dilute the taste a bit…

BOY am I glad that I put it in 24 ounces – the taste wellllllll – not as bad as the Protien Water but not exactly wonderful either – it sort of reminded me of flavored Alka-selzer – a funny bubbly weird taste…very sweet to my palette with a definite aftertaste….If you are one that likes flavored seltzer water then it probably would taste fine to you.

After I drank about half the cup (so about 12 ounces) I found myself a little jittery…then I drank more and found myself even more so jittery….I imagine jittery in a Meth whore way – not that I have been a Meth whore but from what I read….then again it is rare to see a fat Meth whore so maybe Dexatrim is on to something here - hummmm

After about an hour the jittery feeling was pretty much gone – so maybe it was just my body reacting to the foreignness of the supplement. However, when I went to use the bathroom (because after downing 24 ounces of a liquid it has to come out sometime) I noticed another effect of the supplement…it made my urine smell rather odd….not that I am in the habit of smelling my own pee…but being a mother of young children my nose has smelled a lot of pee over the past 5 ½ years…it wasn’t a rancid smell…just different….

Now…I will admit other then feeling like a jittery Meth whore with funky pee it did curb my appetite….I drank the 24 ounces at lunchtime and made it through the rest of the afternoon without feeling hungry…I didn’t even eat my afternoon snack - and when I got home I didn’t even feel the urge to eat dinner….I did however because I know one of the things to a balanced diet is eating…but I set out my portion and ate it and didn’t feel hungry afterwards….

I am pretty sure I will finish up the tablets…there are 20 tablets per box and you are suppose to use 2 per bottle of water – so that makes 10 servings…I think instead of doing 2 at a time I will just do 1 and see what that affect is…will it help me loose weight I don’t know…I did like the not feeling hungry affect it seemed to have…which could potentially get me through the bulk of my day.

I think after all the tablets are gone I might try the Dexatrim Max tablets…see if they might have the same hunger control effect without the jittery Meth whore feeling…I can live with the funky pee smell…

Dexatrim Max2O Sum-Up
Retail price $14.99
My Price $8.99
WW points – 0
Finish Up – yeah, but I will just do 1 tablet per 24 ounces of water
Buy Again – probably not unless I feel the need to feel like a Meth whore again


Heather said...

Thanks for the review, I feel like a meth whore on more than one soda so I think I'll pass!

Lotta said...

I LOVE the reviews! And you are making me think about adding a little helper to the weight watchers plan. I get nervous that if I start taking appetite suppressants I'll die on the crapper like fat elvis.

TxGambit said...

I have been wondering about this stuff too. Thanks for the review!

Maybe I will just try the pills rather than the tablets in the water. Don't know if I like the thought of the meth whore feeling.

Anonymous said...

I drink 3 or 4 of the berry ones a day--in 6 ounces of h2o, and a 12 pack of pepesi a day with. NO jitters here. I could sleep on a picket fence. Lori

Blogger said...

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