Sunday, January 14, 2007

WEEK ONE - Friday Weigh-in

ok ok ok - so it isn't Friday - but thanks to Virginia lawmakers I had Friday off from work - Thank ye old Confederate Generals....Lee and Jackson - thanks to you I get a 4 day ha ha ha

Anyway....I lost TWO POUNDS...which when I went and logged it on WW on-line I lost nothing - because remember I Lied to Weight Watchers

Oh well - two pounds is two pounds and I will happily take it - last week I focused on just pacing myself and getting back into making the right choices as far as eating goes and the whole point system...I did pretty good with evening meals - actually cooked something other then Spagetti

So this week I plan on adding in I am not going to say I will exercise every day because I know myself...but at least twice this coming week I will do something - be it go for a walk around the neighborhood for a half an hour or actually getting on my eliptical machine that is taking up a corner of my rec room - whispering "Oh Baby...Ride me...Ride me" {hold on that may not be the elipitcal machine whispering....}

So here is to two more lbs!!!!!!

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Heather said...

Congrats on the 2 pounds--whether WW knows it or not.