Wednesday, January 03, 2007


the day is getting closer....the day I begin THE DIET!!!!

I have joined in on a challege become a Future MILF... and am I current MILF but only to my hubby and while that is nice I would like someone other than the dregs of humanity asking me if I "want fries with my shake..."

and shake i have which is why I decided to go for it...

For more information check out the blog that started it all

(note one of my resolutions is to learn about HTML crap - anyone got a good website with easy instructions???)

It won't be easy and many days I'll be cranky (how that differs from now is anyones guess) - but my hubby is behind me (get yer minds out of the gutter...) and is willing to go back to eating healthier and giving me space to exercise (hold on...that laughing in my head is at it again)...

So if anyone has had any good luck with simple, cheap and easy exercise plans let me hear them...I have an ellipitcal machine at home and *hope* to use it 3 x's per week - because of a bad ankle prolonged running (once again that laughing in my head) and walking is out...but what about some form of Yoga or Pilates??? Whatever they are....

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