Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A HO by any other name

Lotta gave a challenge…a challenge to give her little friend Bingalina
a food ho playmate…

Someone who is a slave to food….someone who can’t help herself….someone who would probably hock one of her children for a delicious, scrumptious Cadbury Crème Egg….

I thought long and hard….and hard and long…and long and hard (hold on that is another entry about my other ho….)

Anyway I would like to introduce to the world….


who are guided by her three Hellish fairy winged friends – BITE, LICK and TASTE (which BTW….learn from my experience and DO NOT put “bite lick and taste” in Google image search….ohhhhhhh I need some bleach for my eyeballs)

You know after quite a number of years knowing about the Weight Watcher Way…I HAVE changed my eating habits…I eat whole grains…I buy the more expensive spaghetti sauces and soups because they have less fat and more fiber…

But somewhere deep inside me is little IMA….who is prodded along by her little friends…who whisper in her ear…”go ahead just take a BITE…” – “it won’t hurt to have a small LICK” – “a little TASTE, what can it hurt?” – IMA gets scared – she tried her best to resist…but there is only one of her and three of them….

So IMA gives in…and then tries to fool herself - it was only a BITE, a simple LICK, a small TASTE…so IMA DOESN’T COUNT

But you know….it does…sure a bit of a brownie every now and then is OK….but 4 bites within an hour….IMA ate the damn brownie….

So IMA is going to try and resist her little Hell fairies – Bite, Lick and Taste

But all bets are off if Peter Rabbit comes hopping down the bunny trail with a basket of Crème Eggs….


Heather said...

Classic! Good luck keeping BLT in check.

Gretchen said...

wonderful and timely (for me) post!

Lotta said...

Can you please take Ima back! Cause she came over to stay for the weekend and I can't get her to leave! She and Bingelina have eaten chips, salsa, margaritas and quac all night long!