Sunday, January 14, 2007

Diet Product Review #2 - Special K Protien Snack Bar

yeah yeah yeah - I have a special affinity for Special K - so the first few product reviews will be Special K we have all found out not everything Special K does tastes good...I was talking with a friend about the Special K Protien Water and she asked me to really describe what it tasted like because she couldn't quite understand...the best thing I could come up with was "imagine strawberries had penis's...and you got really drunk and well gave the strawberry a good time and said strawberry didn't tap you on the head when it was about to blow...." needless to say neither her nor I (nor probably you) will ever look at a strawberry in quite the same way...

The next in line for the Special K brand is the Special K Protien Snack Bar.

As I was waiting at the pharmacy getting the Tamiflu prescriptions for my daughters (oh yes lucky me...the flu has hit my house...sometimes being a mommy sucks ass - come all every mother at some point in her mommyhood just looks at her little darlings and says to herself - This sucks ass...don't deny it...) anyway as my darlings proceeded to touch every mini massager in the basket below the counter I wandered over to diet isle....They had the Special K protien bars "Buy 1 get 1" - so knowing my penchant for both diet foods and a bargin you can guess what i bought...

Special K Protein Snack Bars, 110 calories per bar, 4g of protein and a good source of nine vitamins and minerals. They are available in Chocolate Peanut and Chocolate Delight. I tried to get a picture from the Kellogg website but I kept getting a weird error message - so you can check them out here

I bought the Chocolate Peanut one because I love Hersey Peanut Butter Cups...The retail price on these were .89 cents each - so I paid .45 cents a piece for mine since it was BOGO...

I was a little hesitant because it is a rather small bar - it is about the size of one twix bar...not quite as long but *just* a little fatter...if you all had seen my ex-boyfriend naked I could be a little more descriptive (let me tell you ...sometimes you do need MORE than the motion of the Ocean...KWIM) - When calculated on my handy dandy WW slide - one bar = two points

By the time I got home and had a blow up with one of my daughters over not taking the nasty Tamiflu medicine (and yes while the medicine is sort of house is a dictatorship...not a democracy the sooner she learns that the happier we all will be)- the bar was beckoning I ate it...

IT WAS FANTASTIC...sometimes some of these chocolate snack bars can taste a little catty-wampus - like something is off with the ingrediants. NOT SO with this protien bar - it is very dense and chewy so it is not easy to eat it quickly - a plus in my book.

NOW...would I eat this all the time...nope, mainly because it is 2 points...if they added some more fiber to the bar and got it down to 1 point this little bar would probably be a staple of my day. But I think i would definately keep a stash around for those times when chocolate is a that time of the month, when your husband is being an ass, when your 5 year old pulls a 15 year olders attitude on you...

Special K Protien Snack Bar - Chocolate Peanut Sum-Up
Retail Price $0.89
My Price $0.45
WW Points 2
Buy Again YES, yes, yes!!!!!

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Jen said...

I wanted to also let you know that special k has a special k bar that is 90 calories and they are wonderful. there not really big but they have a fruit taste and a small sweet taste thrown in. At my local Walmart they are $2.00 and they have several different flavors the one's i like are strawberry, i also bought the peach and berry but havent opened them yet. I enjoy reading your updates on some of the diet products out there.